AI-Generated Faces Already More Convincing Than Real Faces, Survey Finds

And the very first post of AI Week is… filler!

All too fitting, because I announced this BLITZ, and now I actually feel like playing video games instead.

However, the BLITZ shall commence, beginning right here with a filler article…!

The Guardian:

It sounds like a scenario straight out of a Ridley Scott film: technology that not only sounds more “real” than actual humans, but looks more convincing, too. Yet it seems that moment has already arrived.

A new study has found people are more likely to think pictures of white faces generated by AI are human than photographs of real individuals.

Remarkably, white AI faces can convincingly pass as more real than human faces – and people do not realise they are being fooled,” the researchers report.

Writing in the journal Psychological Science, the team describe how they carried out two experiments. In one, white adults were each shown half of a selection of 100 AI white faces and 100 human white faces. The team chose this approach to avoid potential biases in how own-race faces are recognised compared with other-race faces.

The participants were asked to select whether each face was AI-generated or real, and how confident they were on a 100-point scale.

The results from 124 participants reveal that 66% of AI images were rated as human compared with 51% of real images.

The team said re-analysis of data from a previous study had found people were more likely to rate white AI faces as human than real white faces. However, this was not the case for people of colour, where about 51% of both AI and real faces were judged as human. The team added that they did not find the results were affected by the participants’ race.

Are real “people of color” faces judged as human?

Because I’ve myself had some questions…

This is filler, but it is sort of also important to the themes of AI Week, which revolve around the total collapse of reality in a kind of psychedelic way that totally crushes the soul.

You’re not going to be able to tell what is real and what is not real, and fake faces being more real than real faces is a big part of that.

You see, we are really only months away from anyone being able to quickly generate convincing video clips very quickly using minimal hardware. Everyone is going to be using this, especially the government. Me and my people will be pumping out fake clips of the Jews committing atrocities, such as IDF soldiers decapitating 20 babies.

We will also create things just to cause confusion, such as claims that dinosaurs have returned as a result of irresponsible scientific meddling, and are destroying California.

Of course, maybe people in California would realize there was no dinosaur attack there.

However: no one would know if Russia had released a robot army on KEEF and the allies sent in a pack of dinosaurs to fight the robots!

“Congress has agreed to a $100 trillion aid package to Ukraine that includes genetically-engineered dinosaurs, monsters of science, being released to fight Russia’s diabolical robot army!”

Eventually – that is to say, rather quickly – no one will have any idea what is real. The government will claim that they are the only ones who can tell you what is real, and these “fact checker” sites will decide, by decree, which events actually happened.

However, only something like 30-40% of the population is going to believe these government-backed fact-checkers; the rest will admit that they have no ability to comprehend what is real and what isn’t.

AI is a bad acid trip come to life!

Nothing is real and everything is a lie! Reality is what you make of it!


The official song of AI Week has been announced:

Prepare for everything you know to melt away like you’re on acid.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article… or did he?