Greece: Based Prosecutors Consider Arson Charges for Pregnant Invader Who Set Herself on Fire

It’s a mystery why these camps keep burning down

If the bitch starts a fire, she should be charged with starting a fire.

No one cares if it’s “oh I started a fire because I was sad.”

The Guardian:

A pregnant Afghan woman who was severely injured after setting herself on fire in a refugee camp on Lesbos has been forced to give testimony to a prosecutor from her hospital bed as Greek authorities explore potential arson charges against her.

The 26-year-old woman, who has not been named, had been granted asylum by Greek authorities and had been scheduled to fly to Germany with other recognised refugees last week. But officials said doctors had advised against her making the journey because she was in the final stage of pregnancy.

“When she was told she couldn’t travel, her distress and disappointment were such she attempted suicide,” the investigating magistrate Nikos Triantafyllos told the Guardian. “She regrets her actions very much. She has suffered burns to her hands, feet and head. She is full of remorse. She is due to give birth to her fourth child next week.”

But the woman now faces arson charges after her tent was destroyed during her suicide attempt. The prosecutor who will determine whether she should go on trial visited the hospital in Mytilene, the island’s capital, on Thursday to hear the testimony.

The incident occurred on Sunday in the temporary camp erected on the Aegean isle after a series of devastating blazes gutted Lesbos’ notoriously overcrowded holding centre in Moria. The woman placed her two daughters and son outside the tent before setting fire to the structure.

Other camp residents rushed to extinguish the flames alongside police who guard the installation, local media outlets reported. “We were called to the scene as well,” said Savvas Dionysatos a spokesman for the island’s firefighting brigade. “The prosecutor is now handling the inquiry.”

Housed on a former military firing range, the temporary facility hosts around 6,500 men, women and children, the vast majority from Afghanistan. Although constructed as an emergency measure, residents have had to endure increasingly poor conditions, with aid groups and rights campaigners criticising the structure for failing to meet basic winterisation standards.

Afghanis fleeing the Brutal Civil War in Syria™, by the way. Don’t forget that part.

The reason these camps burn down all the time is that the people in them start fires. There are high portions of them that are clinically mentally ill, like this woman. Why would you leave your country and go all the way across the planet to live in a foreign country on welfare? Because you saw a post on Facebook that says you get a free race car?

You’ve got to be nuts.