Greek Prime Minister Issues One Last Threat to Pureblood Seniors

Monthly fines for refusing government mandates are going to become a norm. This is what they’re planning to do with the global warming stuff too, effectively. They’re going to put all of these crazy taxes on everything.

Of course, it doesn’t affect the rich – the rich can just pay and it makes no difference to them. This is all an attack on the hated working classes.


The Greek prime minister has made a final appeal to the country’s senior citizens to get inoculated before monthly punishments for violating the country’s vaccination mandate kick in next week.

“Our fellow citizens who are over 60 and still unvaccinated – I encourage them today: take this step,” Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said during a visit to a health center in Megara, near Athens, on Saturday.

Protect your life and the lives of those you love, and understand that the vaccine is safe and saves lives.”

Citizens aged over 60 will be fined €50 ($57) from Monday and €100 ($114) each month from February unless they get vaccinated. All proceeds will go to the country’s health system, Greek media said.

Those with Covid recovery certificates and proven medical exemptions will not be subject to the fines. People vaccinated abroad will be able to register their vaccination through a government website.

Bless those who resist.

Greece is a stubborn country, and it’s shocking so many have gone along as far as they have.

But I doubt people will be paying any fines, and this will hopefully lead to extreme civil unrest in these Southern countries, where people have typically had less willingness to do what the government tells them to than in Anglo/Germanic countries.