Greta Goes to Meet Zelensky to Give Him “Professional Help”

Just when you thought this Jew bullshit couldn’t get any dumber, all of a sudden they do another crossover: the global warming hoax and the Ukraine war hoax.

If global warming was real, Greta would be upset about the Ukraine and their backers blowing up those German pipes. She never even mentioned that.

The Ukraine also apparently blew up that dam, and they are threatening to blow up the nuclear power plant.


Climate activist Greta Thunberg met with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky on Thursday, as part of a proposal to form a “working group” on environmental damage caused by the conflict.

Thunberg, 20, visited the presidential palace in the company of former Swedish Deputy PM Margot Wallstroem, European Parliament VP Heidi Hautala, and former Irish President Mary Robinson.

“We need your professional help,” Zelensky told the Western activists, thanking them for the “compact of very concretic [sic] steps” that sends “a very important signal of supporting Ukraine.”

Thunberg accused Russia of “deliberately targeting the environment and people’s livelihoods and homes. And therefore also destroying lives. Because this is after all a matter of people.”

According to AP, the proposed working group wants to evaluate the environmental damage from the conflict, start efforts to restore Ukraine’s ecology, and formulate “mechanisms to hold Russia accountable.”

LOL, Grinch Putin destroying the environment on purpose because he’s so mean.

It’s infuriating when they do these hoax crossovers – “Hoaxovers in the Hoaxoverse” – but frankly, I don’t see anything worse about Greta claiming to be an expert on war than when she claims to be an expert on everything else.

She is literally mentally retarded. That is public information. I am not just insulting her. It was in the media. She has Asperger’s syndrome, which used to be classified as “mental retardation.” Go look at Hans Asperger’s research – these people are spastic. It was not classified as “autism” until the DSM-V, which was released in 2013, after Greta was diagnosed.

The media admitted this, then claimed it was good.

“Actually, retarded people are smart,” said they.

When she was 16, she claimed to be an expert on meteorology and global energy infrastructure. She is also anorexic – and she lectured Donald Trump, she lectured the entire world, on diet.

This isn’t the first Hoaxover this little retarded bitch has been involved in. During the coronavirus, she went on CNN with Dr. Fauci and claimed to be an expert on the coronavirus.

That’s not really any crazier than claiming to be a professional expert on war.

Like every woman, she knows everything. And is also retarded.

What do people think?

How is she an expert on everything?

She didn’t even finish high school. She dropped out to become an international expert advisor on global energy policy.

Where did she get all this expert knowledge? Even if she wasn’t a woman, or a literal retard with mental health issues, it would still be nuts. Imagine if it was a male, who appeared very clever. Would you believe he dropped out of high school to become an expert advisor to governments? If you would believe that, you wouldn’t have a hard time believing he was also an expert on wars and viruses.

But it couldn’t be a male. It has to be a female. Because they literally know everything, according to every movie, TV show, and advertisement I’ve seen in the last 10 years.

I mean, if I was Zelensky, trying to explain to people that actually my counteroffensive I promoted for 8 months was actually not a real offensive but just probes, and the real offensive will come in a few more months – I would be looking for advice from anyone I could find. I might just ask Greta to give the press conference for me, and start yelling and hissing.

The bitch is bulletproof.

I hope she flies immediately to France to advise Macron on the riots.

Imagine he’s trying to figure out what to do about the riots, and this dopey bitch is looking at him, incapable of understanding any form of nonverbal communication or the context of verbal communication.

The bitch would probably advise him to burn a Koran.

She is also Swedish, by the way.

So that would likely be her advice.