Hard Times Ahead: DHS Releases New Paper Calling Whites the New Jihadis

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
September 24, 2019

Things aren’t looking good, folks.

Without being too alarmist and blackpilled, it seems clear that there is a concerted push coming out now from the glow-niggers, the media and the Left that demands for the arrest of Whites who don’t want to be forcibly assimilated and destroyed by the Third World hordes that the Jews have brought to America.

The DHS believes that normal White folks with functioning T levels are the equivalent of ISIS and want to start doing something about it.

The Atlantic:

Kevin McAleenan took the El Paso shooting personally. The acting secretary of the Department of Homeland Security had visited the city more than a dozen times. He recalled in an interview yesterday that among his first thoughts were the safety of the DHS workforce, which numbers some 4,000 people there, many of them Hispanic.

The shooter’s motivation quickly became clear, with 22 people dead in a Walmart and an online manifesto attributed to the shooter citing an “invasion” of immigrants. “This,” McAleenan recalls thinking, “was an attack on all of us, on our family.” Speaking to The Atlantic more than six weeks after the attack, he had an “El Paso Strong” bracelet on his wrist.

The El Paso shooting figures into a new strategy to counter terrorism and “targeted violence” that the Department of Homeland Security will release today, which The Atlantic obtained and describes here for the first time. The document dwells at length on the threat of white supremacists specifically, which is surprising coming from President Donald Trump’s administration, given that one of its first counterterrorism policies was to try to ban citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries. Trump has also pushed for a border wall, which he has said will help keep out terrorists, even though most fatal terrorist attacks in the United States in recent years have been carried out by U.S. citizens or permanent residents. The DHS document is an acknowledgment that, nearly 20 years after 9/11, the new terrorist threat comes largely from within—and not as much from jihadists as from the extreme right. 

This is pure nonsense. Harrowing nonsense though. Despite all the terror attacks being planned by Moslems, it appears that the agencies are going to be focusing on shutting down White discontent, not on stopping the attacks themselves.


The department is clearly trying to send a message that it takes the threat of violent white nationalists seriously, and McAleenan said that when leadership lays out its goals, bureaucracies tend to move.

If DHS get everything it wants, it will have more resources to analyze the changing nature of terrorism in the U.S.; improve information-sharing with local law enforcement; and provide training to communities to prevent or respond to attacks, including through active-shooter drills and security in schools, McAleenan told me. He said the department’s existing resources can be redistributed to better coordinate and focus the sprawling counterterrorism bureaucracy on a wide range of threats, from online radicalization to the movement of weapons of mass destruction. But as with any plan, this one faces obstacles to implementation.

The fact that many of the recommendations in the document call for further study indicates just how poorly the federal government understands the problem of white-supremacist violence and its scope. Public statistics show that white supremacists now represent the deadliest extremists in the United States—for instance, the Anti-Defamation League has reported that last year, white supremacists perpetrated 39 of 50 domestic extremism-related killings in the United States. (The same year saw only one death linked to jihadist terrorism in the U.S.) Yet at the federal level, statistics are imperfect and unevenly reported; the ADL also notes that more than 1,000 law-enforcement agencies didn’t report their data on hate crimes to the FBI, leaving huge gaps in the nationwide picture.

The FBI believes that it doesn’t have enough info yet to act. That means they are going to be entering a more active information-collecting phase…

We must redouble our efforts to red-pill these boomers when they come a-knocking.

Preventing violence, no matter the motivating ideology, is a difficult and imperfect process—not least in a society that protects hate speech as well as access to guns. McAleenan serves in an acting capacity; a permanent successor might not share the same priorities. Then there is the matter of money; some of the very same kinds of programs DHS now wants to expand have seen budget and personnel cuts throughout the Trump administration.

It is unclear whether The Atlantic reporter or McAleenan is sympathetic to the idea of introducing hate crime legislation targeted at White people while simultaneously taking away their guns and ability to defend their homes.

I bet it’s both of them. They seem to share the same ideology.

“I think there is the appropriate callout for white-supremacist and other targeted-violence actors in this strategy,” George Selim, a former DHS official who ran violent-extremism-prevention programs and resigned two years ago, told me. His concern is that “it’s not clear what the means of execution and resources are.” Selim, who now works as senior vice president of programs at the Anti-Defamation League, wrote earlier this year that his former office had been “gutted” of money and people in the past three years. He argued that the administration was hobbling the country’s ability to meet the threat of violent extremism.

Now we know that the only thing that appears to be holding them back is that the Trump administration hasn’t given them the resources and the greenlight to start arresting people.

These are all practical challenges that DHS officials are well aware of. There are also political challenges. There is growing bipartisan consensus that right-wing extremism, including white-supremacist violence, is a problem that merits urgent attention. Trump, who was condemned as equivocating about “good people on both sides” after a white-supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in which a counterprotester was killed, condemned hatred and bigotry after the El Paso shooting. Trump’s National Security Council for the first time identified nationalist and neo-Nazi groups as a terrorist threat in its own strategy last year. Notably, however, the shooter’s manifesto used the same language the president has in the past used about an “invasion” of immigrants, though it also specified that his views predated the Trump administration.

Even on this front, Trump appears to be caving. Add that to the list:

At this point, I wouldn’t even want that damn wall built because I’m not sure if the next president won’t simply convert the country into a big pen where free-range Ameriburgers are forcefed soy and grasshoppers before being fed to the eco-cannibal army comprised of retards and POCs (but I repeat myself) who believe that hunting down and eating the Great White Buffalo will appease the weather gods.

Our only consolation is that Jews believe that more than half of America is irredeemably White Supremacist in nature and that they’ll overreach and start targeting normie America.

This will end badly for them.