NATO Terrorists Bomb Crimean Bridge Again!

NATO has gone ahead and done another terrorist attack on the Crimean bridge.

They, once again, attacked the civilian paved road, instead of the rail line used by the military. Some people are claiming this is incompetence, though it is more likely that the goal is to create terror, while having the excuse that a civilian bridge is somehow a valid military target.

Russia has confirmed that the attack was done by underwater autonomous vehicles. Presumably, this would have been the British REMUS 600.

They killed a family, orphaning a little girl.

In a truly fascinating display, Twitter war supporters have begun arguing that Russian civilians are valid military targets. (This includes, apparently, the Russians who they claim are Ukrainians who they claim they are trying to liberate from “occupation” by Russia. It’s a confusing narrative, that.)

Russia has officially declared this “a terrorist attack.”

The Kiev Junta was labeled a “terrorist regime” and “an international criminal group.”

It will be interesting to see how Putin responds to this.

I think it is time to up the ante.

But I’ve been thinking that since 2014.

This position of “oh well, we can’t capture Russian territory, we can’t even reach their first defensive line – so let’s just kill random people” is one of absolute desperation. It does seem that things are going to be winding down soon – conversely, they may drastically escalate with a NATO invasion soon.

It’s going to go one way or the other.