Harvard Professor Wants to Make Life Hard for Unvaccinated People

The top academic leaders are trying to put the clamps on the goyim.

It’s almost like our entire intelligentsia has been taken over by Jews.

How could something like that happen?


A Harvard University public health professor said that it’s time to stop playing nice with Americans who have chosen not to receive an experimental coronavirus vaccine.

The “only way forward,” Professor Joseph Allen says, is to require Americans to take the experimental vaccines, which have been linked to a number of serious side effects and death.

It’s time to acknowledge what few in the public health field are willing to say: The campaign to persuade all Americans to voluntarily accept coronavirus vaccinations has hit its limit,” Allen wrote in a recent essay for the Washington Post.

“The only way out of our covid-19 morass is to mandate vaccines,” Allen argued.

Professor Allen criticized unions in particular for opposing mandatory vaccines.

“This will inevitably face opposition, and, yes, that includes from unions,” Allen said. “It is absolutely appalling to see vaccination rates around the 40 to 50 percent range for unionized workers such as New York City’s police, firefighters and corrections officers, as well as 60 percent for the city’s Education Department workers.”

“Don’t want to call them ‘mandates’? That’s fine,” he continued. “Then do what MGM Resorts and the National Football League did and, instead of mandating, make the burden of being unvaccinated so high that people comply.”


We are now just openly discussing forced compliance with experimental medical treatments, at the highest levels of polite society.

Just in case you were wondering for a moment if these people are actually smarter than you, and actually do know what’s best for you – please examine the fact that even as they are discussing forced compliance, they are also admitting that the vaxx doesn’t even work.

This is all just a big, brutal jerk-off, and the end game is Joseph Allen blowing a massive load of gene alteration all over your face.

Is he an FBI asset?

He says we need a lot more Olivia Rodrigo.

Some people would at least agree with him on that.

Rubbing 70 lbs Filipinas in the faces of white female beasts could possibly end well.