Here’s How the Ukraine Can Still Win: NATO Chief Visits Kiev, Announces Increase in Military Aid

Do you remember the old Bernie Sanders meme?

This is what is happening now with the Ukraine.

“Here’s how the Ukraine can still win.”


NATO boss Jens Stoltenberg told Ukrainians on Monday that his alliance’s members had failed to live up to their promises of military aid in recent months, but said the flow of arms and ammunition would now increase.

In an unannounced visit to Ukraine, the secretary general of the transatlantic military alliance held talks with President Volodymyr Zelenskiy and was due to address Ukraine’s parliament, the Rada.

His visit – the third since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 – comes at a difficult time on the battlefield for Ukraine. After a failed Ukrainian counter-offensive last year, Russian forces have gained the initiative – at least in part due to a dearth of arms and ammunition from Kyiv’s Western partners.

He said the Russians had paid “a high price for marginal territorial gains” and Ukraine could still turn things around.

It’s not too late for Ukraine to prevail. But that’s why it’s so urgent that NATO allies now actually do what we had promised and that we turn those commitments into real deliveries of weapons and ammunition and I’m now confident that will now happen.”

The Ukraine military is currently in retreat.

Russia is not losing soldiers anymore. If they started losing soldiers, they would just send more soldiers. Russia is a much bigger country.

If they were actually losing – that’s not going to happen, but if it did – they would nuke Lvov.

There is no path to victory for the Ukraine. This is all just nonsense. Of course gaywad Stoltenberg is going to keep saying this. What else is he going to say?

It’s childish and ridiculous.