Hey – Remember “The Ukraine”? Me Neither.

Before the war, both left and right in America were saying that the Ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Frankly, you can really drop the “one of.” I don’t think that even in Africa or among the Latin American narco-states there is any country that compares to the Ukraine in corruption.

The Ukraine’s level of corruption can only be compared to the most vile forms of hentai. Please do not Google search “hentai” if you don’t know what it is (yes, folks, we do have a boomer readership). I will just tell you: it’s Japanese cartoon pornography, which is totally out of control, and often features people, including children, having sex with demons and other monsters.

Because we’re being frank, I must admit that I actually liked Goblin Slayer. It’s not hentai, but it contains a hentai-like scene where these young girls think they can hunt goblins and end up getting gang-raped and murdered by them. I sort of closed my eyes for part of it, but it was also hilarious. This happened at the end of the first episode, and the whole thing leading up to it was normal cutesy Japanese stuff, and then it’s a brutal gang-rape by goblins. It was a serious shot at modern, empowered women, and that context justified grotesque cartoon pornography. (Similarly, the Ukraine war could be justified if the country’s Jew leader acted like Woody Allen.)

I should note that someone noted that The Departed was based on a Japanese film. I looked it up, and it’s actually based on a Hong Kong film. This is probably because the Chinese are much smarter and better than the Japanese, as evidenced by the fact that they do not produce sickening cartoon pornography to pollute their own society and the world at large.

The relevance of the fact that it is an Asian remake is that Asians are more comfortable with abrupt plot pivots in the third act, which The Departed contains. I loved it, but I’m sure some people were put off by it. I’m going to rewatch the film soon, because it had enough of an effect on me that I can watch it twice, then I will write a spoilers-containing review. If you care about spoilers, then watch it immediately, before my review. Now, I’ll just say that the ending was brutal and awesome and it had to happen in a film about the Irish. The film could have been titled “My Observations of the Irish by Martin Scorsese.” The purpose of the film is to examine the nature of Irishness, and therefore it had to have the ending it did.

Perhaps we should thank the pedophile nips for creating hentai, as if it did not exist, I would have nothing to compare the corruption of the Ukraine to.

This article’s intro is part of an exciting new style I am working on. I’m sure you caught that I abruptly pivoted to the issue of abrupt pivots, because you are very intelligent and clever, my dearest parasocial friend. That’s why I put so much effort into creating clever letters for you – because I know how clever you are. The others in your life might not know, but I do.

I want to expand on the use of heinous and jarring abrupt pivots and astonishing and confounding allusion, in an attempt to undo some of the damage done to literature by James Joyce. I have of course been thinking about James Joyce as part of my journey into Irish identity. I will, under no circumstances, agree that James Joyce is a good writer. In fact, if there needs to be an official Irish literary figure, I would prefer it be Cormack McCarthy, who is one of the worst human beings who ever lived, and a terrible blight on the Irish, but James Joyce is much worse. In fact I, Andrew Anglin, Daily Stormer CEO and Supreme Leader of the Irish Race, am the definitive Irish literary figure. However, if I am prevented from appointing myself due to the rules of the ancient Irish clansmen (which I am still reviewing and editing), I would prefer to appoint Tom Clancy. If that is rejected, due to snobbery, then I would agree to F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Joyce has to go. Having such an evil person represent us is bad for morale. Read three pages of Ulysses (don’t read the whole thing, you’ll probably kill yourself) and then read Clear and Present Danger, and ask yourself who is the better writer. It’s no contest. Tom Clancy looms over Irish literature like Israel looms over children in Gaza. He is the dominant force. Clancy was also handsome, a healthy eater, stylish, a hard worker, rich, a devout Christian, and not drunk all the time. Joyce was none of these things.

We need strong heroes that Irish children can look up to: Tom Clancy, Jack Kennedy, and probably others.

I went to Slovakia once, and I loved it. It’s a really great place. Just as Tom Clancy looms over Irish literature, Russia looms over the Slavs, and if you’ve been to Russia, every Slavic country seems like a spin-off of varying quality. In my experience, the best of these are Serbia and Slovakia (and the Slavic nations of the former Yugoslavia more generally). The worst by far is Bulgaria, which feels like some kind of nightmare (it’s actually like I imagine Ireland in the 1960s – this heavy, dark tone, everyone is drunk and just moping around scoffing to themselves as if they’ve just recalled a particularly humiliating moment in their childhood, the women act like they are going to bite). I am excluding Belarus from the analysis, because it is literal Russia.

Not only the Slavs, but all Eastern Europeans have a paternal complex in dealing with the looming bear. Some of them deal with it better than others. Poland is the example of the worst possible way you could deal with it, where you have literal screeching “I’m gonna get you, daddy!” (Clearly, the Ukraine is now even more extreme, as they actually started an open war with Russia, but this is synthetic. The United States threw a coup in the nation, then funded all of these neo-Nazi cultist groups while bombarding the country with outrageous hate materials.)

The model nation for managing this paternal complex is Hungary, but because they are not Slavic, I suspect the complex is not so extreme, even though they had the same basic relationship. Now, Slovakia is emerging as the rational actor among irate states.


Ukraine is “one of the most corrupt countries in the world,” Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico told reporters on Friday following an EU summit in Brussels, raising doubts about the bloc’s unprecedented funding to Kiev.

In particular, Fico questioned the wisdom of an additional €50 billion ($52.9 billion) earmarked for Ukraine in the EU’s proposed budget, asking rhetorically, “Did the financing of Ukraine change the outcome of this war? So let’s invest another 50 billion, and it doesn’t matter what happens?”

The prime minister agreed to increase Slovakia’s contribution to the EU by about €400 million over the next four years, but only if the EU could promise it would not be stolen by Kiev.

“Ukraine is among the most corrupt countries in the world and we are conditioning what is excessive financial support on guarantees that European money (including Slovak) not be embezzled,” Fico told assembled journalists.

Noting that the EU had no “peace plan” and that the leaders of several member countries had been “driven into a dead end” due to a lack of coherence on how to move forward, he said that a blank check to Ukraine would be a hard sell back home in Slovakia.

“If the strategy is to continue to pour money there, €1.5 billion per month without any result, and we have to cut our own resources? After all, we have huge problems, and public money is in a difficult state,” Fico explained.

There really is, these days, an immediate shock whenever any public figure says something obvious. Of course, I wish he would have said “things are tough all over.” The Russians have a version of that saying that is more poetic. I don’t recall it right now. I think all Slavic languages, and maybe all human languages, have a phrase that means “your problems are not more important than everyone else’s problems, and they’re not my responsibility.” If I had a list of the equivalent phrases in every language, I think I would continue to prefer the English version, because English is the best language ever. (A language invented by George Washington, by the way – when he announced the invention of the language, he said “we shall name it after the English, who are the faggots we just blew the fuck out.”) Furthermore, though I don’t remember the precise Russian phrase, it is much less blunt, and like a lot of Russian language, it is a sort of cavalier grinning thing. I like the cavalier grinning of the Russians – just look at a video of Putin sometime; unless he’s talking about religion or getting animated over something (the latter of which is very rare), the resting state is “cavalier grin.” The grin is not always visible, but it is there.

This is from memory, but there was an interview with Putin and a female interviewer about the “Pussy Riot” situation, and he had said something to the effect that they were gross, and the interviewer pushed back and then it was something like this (again, from memory):

Putin: Do you want me to translate the name into Russian for you?

Female Interviewer: I thought it was a reference to cats.

Putin: Oh, really? That’s what you thought? Your father must be very proud of your innocence, young lady.

Putin actually is the smartest guy in the room, so he’s well justified carrying himself this way. It’s cool, calm power. Alpha. But it’s very much a Russian archetype.

The bluntness of “things are tough all over” is important in this situation. It is the defining phrase of the Ukraine war, because the war has been so defined by this kike Vladimir Zelensky going around to everyone in the world and telling them it’s their responsibility to deal with his problems. Every Zelensky surrogate (many of which are attractive sluts) does the exact same bit, this whining, demanding thing. It’s honestly worse than black people’s whining, honestly. Black people’s whining is more just saying “I hate you, whitey,” while Ukrainians explicitly say “you are responsible for dealing with my problems, and I demand you do so immediately.”

My new response is: “oh, things are really tough in the Ukraine? Then move to Gaza.”

Seriously, man.

Of course, we have to remember that this is literally a fake war. Zelensky was going to surrender and agree to all of Russia’s terms 18 months ago, and the West told him he was not allowed to do that. Boris Johnson literally flew in to order Zelensky that under no circumstances would he ever be allowed to have peace in his country.

It’s a “fake war.”

Remember, Putin demanded:

  • Surrender of the two providences which had declared independence in 2014, and
  • Military neutrality (an agreement not to join NATO, basically)

This came after 8 years of war against the provinces that had declared independence, which killed thousands, and after Zelensky said he was going to host NATO nukes.

There was nothing unreasonable or unusual. It is not a reason for a massive war.

Putin has not demanded:

  • Total genocide of Ukraine people, or
  • Abolishing international law

These are false claims.

In fact, since there has been a lot of talk of the Geneva Conventions since Israel has been flagrantly violating them, it should be noted that Russia has not violated them in its prosecution of the war. The Ukraine, meanwhile, has:

  • Purposefully targeted civilians
  • Used human shields, purposefully moving the fighting into urban areas so they could do so
  • Used torture
  • Used child soldiers
  • Killed surrendering soldiers

There are probably also other violations. You can go read the conventions and see if you find any, but all of those four items have been very public on Telegram.

By the natural conventions of war, Russia has a right to do tit-for-tat. But they haven’t.

Global War?

What the Biden people apparently want is a global war. These conflicts can’t be isolated and separated, as they are all wars being conducted by the Jewish dominated United States and other homosexual countries against Russia and China.

Putin welcoming Hamas in Moscow this week is serious business, and demonstrates the basic thesis (apparently there are people who don’t understand) that this is all one war.

You can close one front and open another, in theory, but in this case, it might not make sense to close it if you are starting a war against the entire Middle East and the money and weapons for the enemy are coming from Russia.

There are also a lot of indicators that the Biden people want to open the China front somehow. Biden mentioned the Philippines this week. That is an entry point.

There were a lot of indications that the Ukraine front would be closed in order to escalate something with China and/or Iran, but I don’t think anyone knew how extreme the Middle East situation would be. If the US actually does go to war with Iran and all of these other countries (at least Palestine, Syria, and Lebanon, but likely Iraq and Sunni nations as well), the US will have to transition into some manner of “total war,” which would make the Ukraine funding largely irrelevant. If you’re already spending trillions of dollars, a couple hundred billion for the Ukraine becomes no big thing.

I still don’t really understand how any of this is possible. Hundreds of millions of people would die and the US would lose this war. Their aircraft carrier collection will not save them. (For those who don’t get the joke, US war strategy is based around aircraft carriers, and the general understanding among experts in war is that this strategy is obsolete for modern warfare.)

Personally, I don’t care what happens, as long as it produces funny clips to watch on the internet.