Hey White Boy: Family Want to Know Why This is Not a Hate Crime

Modern Heretic
August 27, 2014

Enriched by “diversity.”

I don’t believe in the highly rabbinical idea of “hate crime” charges. I believe in the rule of law. We should have equal application and enforcement and I mean truly equal, not the new kosher definition. The rot should be fully punished without regard to how many brown faces are already in cages or how “over-crowded” said cages are. This would be far superior to the current system where everything is politicized and there’s an increasing reluctance to send the negro and la-teen-oh animal to the “crib.” Better still, of course, would be putting every brown alien on boats bound for Africa and the Latin American sewer. Until that glorious day comes, we must survive the anarcho-tyranny of a dead nation.

Baltimore CBS Local:

It will take plastic surgery to properly fix the injury suffered by the 25-year-old victim, who asked not to be identified by name.

It will take a full collapse probably followed by horrific violence to fix a nation murdered by jew marxists, White useful idiots and the brown biological weapon unleashed against us.

It happened Thursday night when three African-American teenagers attacked him, throwing a rock at his face as he walked down Montgomery Street after leaving his lifeguard job at the nearby Otterbein Swim Club.

Those wacky “African Americans” at it again with their harmless fun. They wanted a White victim and they found one.

Police say one of the suspects, 19-year-old Sidney Joyner, tried to stab him with a pocket knife; the victim dodged the blade.

Well, there’s your attempted murder. Expect the kosher courts to actually charge this walking turd with “irresponsible knife handling” or something similar. We could never punish all these negroes, after all.

This is why you need to be armed. If Curious George came at me with a pocket knife you’d be reading about what a good boy turning his life around he was before an evil White made this piece of genetic waste much more aerodynamic.

Police later found Joyner, who is now charged with armed robbery, robbery and two counts of assault. He was charged in the other robbery and assault, as well.

Don’t worry, we’ll get this worthless monster back on the street as quickly as possible.

This is the third time it has been reported that a White man has been attacked by Blacks shouting racial slurs since Ferguson.

“I feel like this was attempted murder,” said his father. “An injury that severe definitely wasn’t an intent to injure—it was an intent to kill.”

Whoa, that sounds “races.” You don’t want to destroy the potential of a good kid turning his life around who is no doubt a future chemical engineer, architect, neurosurgeon or rapper

The victim’s father also questions why Joyner wasn’t charged with a hate crime, since the suspects reportedly yelled, “Hey, white boy!” at the time of the attack.

He pretty much answered his own question. It’s open season on Whites in the U.S.S.A. Don’t expect the negro to be seriously punished, because that’s “races.”

“If roles were reversed, it definitely would be no question whether it was a hate crime or not,” he said.

Yeah. No shit.

Just days earlier and blocks away in Federal Hill, 24-year-old Sal Schittino Jr. was robbed and stabbed in the heart, liver and lungs. He was released from the hospital; no arrests have been made in his case.

Undeclared one-sided race war. The law is helpless. Our nation is deceased and awaiting the flames.

“I kinda think the police downplayed that. I think that they knew there was an issue going on in that area,” he said.

“Everything’s fine! Go back to your jewish sports and pornography!”

Police say they have no evidence to connect Joyner—the suspect in Wednesday and Thursday’s attacks—with the stabbing attack on another man in Federal Hill Sunday night.

Recruiting 90 I.Q. officers has consequences.

A series of racially-motivated attacks by “teen” scumbags who already have lengthy criminal records thanks to our refusal to punish their predictable failure. 90 I.Q. officers more concerned with getting this into the memory hole than doing their job. “Assault” charges for trying to murder a White victim. Hate filled genetic aliens on the loose. This is the U.S.S.A. in 2014. Bring on the collapse.Enriched by “diversity.”