HOAX! Only 1 in 10 Chance of Catching Coronavirus from an Infected Person Who Lives with You

If people are not getting the virus from infected family members in their own homes, then where are they getting it from?

If living with someone infected with the virus is not enough for people to catch the virus, then how is the virus even spreading in the first place?

Daily Mail:

Just one in ten people who catch Covid pass it on to someone they live with, a study has found.

US researchers analysed data from more than 7,000 homes in Boston and found more than 25,000 people lived there between March 4 and May 17, 2020.

In this time frame 7,262 people caught Covid but they only passed it on to a further 1,809 people they lived with, a transmission rate of 10.1 per cent.

The paper also found the likelihood of passing the virus on to someone you live with was lower for bigger households.

For example, someone in a home with three to five people — one of whom was infected — was 20 per cent less at risk than a two-person house.

However, the data showed people living with Covid commodities were more likely to catch the virus from an infected family member.

Risk of catching the virus increased by 31 per cent if a person had asthma, 67 per cent for cancer patients and 35 per cent if a family member was obese.

However, the likelihood of infection more than doubled for people with liver disease.

The findings back up other research which has found a similarly low secondary attack rate of the virus in households.

Most people are not wearing masks in their houses. They’re not “social distancing” in their houses.

So where is the virus coming from, if in the place it would be most likely to incubate (according to everything we’ve been told), it’s not transmitting?

I think we ultimately are going to have to ask the question: does this virus actually even exist?

The PCR test agenda is definitely a hoax, often telling everyone they’re positive, and that could explain why people who test positive are not spreading the virus to other people.

We know the flu exists. Maybe the coronavirus is just a version of the flu. Or maybe it is just literally the flu.

What we do not have is this: any evidence that there is a new virus that is killing people who wouldn’t have died from something else.

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