Hong Kong Terrorists Respond with Hatred to Jackie Chan’s Call for Them to Stop Being Terrorists

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 16, 2019

We’ve passed the point of no return here, lads.

New York Post:

Protesters in Hong Kong have come out swinging at Jackie Chan after the martial arts legend and actor called the recent events there “sad and depressing.”

Chan, who was born in Hong Kong, broke his silence on the pro-democracy demonstrations and said he hoped the semi-autonomous territory “can return to peace soon,” the UK’s Express reported.

“Hong Kong and China are my birthplaces and my home. China is my country, I love my country, I love my home,” the 65-year-old star said in an interview with the Chinese CGTN TV.

“When I saw on Weibo that CCTV had shown the ‘The Five-starred Red Flag has 1.4 Billion flag guards’, I came here immediately,” he said, referring to a Chinese social media app.

“On the other hand, I wanted to express the most basic principles of patriotism as a Hong Kong citizen and a Chinese. I am a national flag guard,” he said.

“Furthermore, I wanted to go to this event to represent everyone’s voice,” he added. “I also deeply feel that safety, stability, and peace are just like fresh air, you never know how precious it is until you lose it.”

Chan’s comments drew a backlash in social media, where he was slammed by pro-democracy advocates as “shameless” and told that “Hong Kong hates you.”


If Jackie Chan can’t bring these terrorists to their senses, then maybe they should just all be killed?

I personally think that it would be a really good idea for the People’s Liberation Army to just go in and start opening fire on these crowds of whiny babies shilling for anal sex and tattoos.

Traitors should be killed.

The Jewish change agents that start these hoaxvolutions don’t expect anyone to start killing their shills. It is the response that no one knows how to deal with.

What are they going to do?

This entire event has made me a complete shill for the Chinese.

But honestly, it would just be better if they ruled the world.

Clearly, white people are unwilling to rule their own countries in the modern era, because they are too susceptible to emotional manipulation performed using digital devices. So, if I had a choice between the Chinese and the Jews, I would choose the Chinese.

At least they don’t do weird shit like child trannies.

Really, we don’t have any choice.