Hot New Euphemism for Blacks: “Brutes”

The New York Post wakes up every single morning and says “what new euphemism will I invent for the blacks today?”

People would be a lot less racist if they just said “blacks.”

These people act like this because they are black. Non-blacks don’t do this. So “black” is relevant to the headline.

Also, isn’t it racist to call them “brutes” when you’re talking about blacks?

This story is nearly ten days old (and yet in the top spot on the front page), so I guess it took them that long to figure out the euphemism.

New York Post:

A New York City taxi driver was viciously beaten by a group of five brutes on a busy Midtown Manhattan street last week in a disturbing attack that was caught on camera.

The horrific footage shows three women and two men repeatedly striking the 60-year-old cabbie with shoes and closed fists near Sixth Avenue and W. 34th Street on July 19.

The male driver attempts to avoid their blows and bends down to pick an item off the street, but is continuously pummeled. He is knocked off balance and slumps along the side of his cab as one of the women strikes him several times more and kicks him in the chest, according to the video.

“According to the video” is such a stupid bit of language.

It took two women to come up with that, by the way.

Amanda and Allie also argued about whether to use “brutes” or “berserkers.”

(I would have gone with the latter.)

It’s time for ChatGPT, NYP!

The victim tries to protect his head with his hands as onlookers watch without getting involved. The woman is pulled off by one of the men before the clip ends.

He was taken in an ambulance to New York University Hospital in stable condition.

Police said the cab driver and the individuals got into an argument before the brutal beatdown.

Two of the suspects — 35-year-old Howard Colley and 51-year-old Natalie Morgan, both of Brooklyn — were arrested at the scene, according to cops.

Colley was charged with assault for allegedly punching the side of the cabbie’s face, while Morgan was charged with criminal mischief for allegedly damaging the right side view mirror of the cab, police said.

I’m not really going to comment on the attack itself.

I don’t have anything to say about black-on-white violence at this point.

I think we all get it.

I told you during George Floyd Mania that they were going to just normalize this, and they have. I actually thought it would be worse. But it’s just normal now. You see it every single day.

These are racial attacks.

They’re not even robberies.

They do it for fun, not profit.