House Approves Bill That Will Defund American Military Until Brandon Sends All Shipments to Israel

So, basically, Brandon just cut a few shipments of ultra-bombs to Israel. This didn’t mean anything at all. They already have huge stockpiles of these bombs, because the US has been sending massive quantities of them since October (and even before). He’s also continuing to send billions of dollars in every other kind of weapon. It’s just a total PR stunt.

But the Republicans will not tolerate anything that makes it look like America is questioning Israel. Particularly that four-eyed dweeb Mike Johnson, a man who says that the entire purpose of the United States is to support Israel, will not allow any sign that America is anything than less than the abused pet of the Jews.

New York Post:

The House approved legislation Thursday that would force President Biden to swiftly send US weapons to Israel amid its war with Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip — in the face of a pause on at least one shipment and a looming veto threat from the commander in chief.

One shipment.

This is totally symbolic, to create headlines making it look like Brandon honored his red line on Rafah.

All the other shipments are going through.

But it is also symbolic for the Republicans that there not be any symbolic restrictions on Israel.

The lower chamber voted 224-187 to pass the Israel Security Assistance Support Act, with 208 Republicans and 16 Democrats in support. Three Republicans joined 184 Democrats in opposing it.

The bill, introduced Tuesday by Rep. Ken Calvert (R-Calif.), would also defund Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, Secretary of State Antony Blinken and the Biden’s National Security Council until the shipments are delivered.

This is totally insane. The bill defunds American defense until Israel gets even more weapons.

It’s unprecedented, to shut down the Department of Defense until a foreign country gets American weapons.

I don’t even know what to say about this. These people are unhinged.

Or maybe they’re not unhinged. Maybe they are just the scummiest people on the planet, who will do absolutely anything for money. And the Jews have all the money, because they looted everything.

The White House announced Tuesday that Biden would veto the bill, claiming it would bar the president from executing “effective foreign policy” and was based on a “distortion” of the pause, which some Republicans had criticized as an “arms embargo.”

“It is clear that Biden and [Senate Majority Leader Chuck] Schumer have turned their back on Israel,” House Speaker Mike Johnson said in a Thursday morning press conference. “They are carrying water for Iran and its proxies.”

Israel needs to finish the job,” Johnson (R-La.) added. “And America needs to help Israel extinguish the flame of terror that is wrought by Hamas.”

Okay, so, claiming that Biden is working for Iran actually is unhinged.

This Johnson fellow is the worst human being that ever lived.