Houthis Say They’ll Keep Sinking British Ships Because UK Sponsors Gaza Genocide

All actions have consequences.

The United States and their subsidiaries have functioned for decades under the premise that their own actions can never have consequences, because they are gods, who act on the world and yet cannot be affected by the world.

It’s not working out for them.


Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthis vowed on Sunday to continue targeting British ships in the Gulf of Aden following the sinking of UK-owned vessel Rubymar.

The U.S. military confirmed on Saturday that the UK-owned vessel Rubymar had sunk after being struck by an anti-ship ballistic missile fired by Yemeni Houthi militants on Feb. 18.

Yemen will continue to sink more British ships, and any repercussions or other damages will be added to Britain’s bill,” Hussein al-Ezzi, deputy foreign minister in the Houthi-led government, said in a post on X.

It is a rogue state that attacks Yemen and partners with America in sponsoring ongoing crimes against civilians in Gaza.”

The cost of this lunacy is basically unmeasurable. I’m sure people are trying to measure it, but the public numbers would be a lie.

It’s costing the Houthis nothing at all.

This is the new world we’re in now. Small, poor groups of freedom fighters can severely punish the empire, and there is nothing the empire can do to respond.

With these ship closures, the Houthis are demonstrating to people all over the world who are sick of being bullied by Creepy Uncle Sam that you can, actually, fight back. If every group of freedom fighters tired of the oppression they experience at the hands of the American government started acting like the Houthis, the empire would be forced to either withdraw or invade the entire world and just try to kill everyone.

It’s a whole new world.

Thomas Jefferson said “the rifle made every man tall.” (It’s a reference to the fact that in a sword-fight, the taller guy is going to win.) Similarly, the drone has made every resistance group an air power.

God balances the scales. Always.

You can take that to the bank.