Hungary and Czech Republic Stopping EU from Sanctioning Violent Israeli Settlers

Victor Orban is the only real right-wing leader of an EU country. He is also a Jew-lover.

All of these rightist parties the world over have strange relations with Israel, to the point where this appears to be the purpose of the movement.

The new president of Argentina, for example, is obsessed with Israel. Further, he is a supporter of the Ukraine even. Meanwhile, he’s supposed to be this great opposer of “socialism,” as if we’re living in the 1930s.


An EU effort to impose sanctions on Israeli settlers attacking Palestinians in the West Bank has stalled due to objections from Hungary and the Czech Republic, diplomats say.

The two staunch allies of Israel made clear in an EU committee on Thursday they were not ready to let the proposal go forward for now, said four diplomats, speaking on condition of anonymity about internal EU deliberations.

Some said a compromise may be found later to let the measures proceed, possibly after more EU sanctions on Hamas, the Palestinian militant group responsible for the Oct. 7 attack on Israel that triggered the current Middle East crisis.

While much international attention has focused on that cross-border assault from Gaza and Israel’s subsequent war there, European officials have also expressed increasing concern about rising violence against Palestinians in the West Bank.

The United States and Britain have expressed similar concerns and have already imposed sanctions on several settlers they say are responsible for violence.

EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said in December he would propose similar measures.

But EU sanctions require unanimity among member states and the bloc has yet to find agreement – a reflection of broader divisions on the Middle East, with some EU countries strongly backing Israel while others lean more towards the Palestinians.

The proposals under discussion would impose sanctions on around a dozen people or organisations, according to diplomats. The EU has not spelled out what the sanctions would entail but officials have said they would include bans on travel to the EU.

Well, I don’t think Israeli settlers want to travel to the EU anyway. It’s a pretty pointless effort here, and is solely designed to make it look like the Europeans are trying to do something to help the Palestinians, while in fact, they offer unconditional support to the Jewish murder machine.