Hungary Says Zelensky Needs to Explain Where All That Money Disappeared To

Any man who respects a woman in power has deep personal problems. Every time I see Ursula von der Leyen, I think of the character from Pink Floyd’s The Wall. This is the climate: “Oh, ah – mother, should I build a wall?”

The idea that Jewish people are dishonest with money is an age-old trope and also a canard.

What that means is this: the fact that people have said the same thing for centuries, with great consistency, proves that the thing said is not true.

(Please note: this is literally the ADL’s official line on anti-Semitic tropes and canards: they are proved false by having been claimed by so many different people. Also note: I do not know the difference between a trope and a canard in the context that this jargon is used by the Jews. They seem to be two words for the same thing, i.e., “any observation which reflects negatively on the Jews which has been noted by different people all over the world – across 5 continents – over a period of two thousand years.” Again, I just can’t stress enough that these Jews literally cite consistency as proof of unreliability.)


Hungary will oppose the European Commission’s plans to give Ukraine €50 billion in financial aid until Kiev explains what it did with the last €70 billion, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Friday. Budapest and Brussels have repeatedly clashed over the supply of cash and arms to Ukraine.

According to the latest figures from Brussels, the EU has given Kiev €72 billion ($79 billion) in economic, military, and humanitarian aid since Russia’s military operation in Ukraine began last February. Despite this unprecedented outflow draining its coffers, the European Commission announced earlier this month that it would offer Kiev an additional €50 billion in loans and grants.

“One thing is clear, we Hungarians… will not give more money to Ukraine until they say where the previous around 70 billion euros worth of funds has gone,” Orban told Hungarian radio, according to a Reuters report.

“And we find it utterly ridiculous and absurd, that we should contribute more money to finance debt service costs of a loan, from which we have still not received the funds we are entitled to get,” he continued, referring to the commission’s recent announcement that interest costs on the bloc’s external debts would double this year due to inflation.

The commission is currently denying Hungary and Poland access to post-coronavirus recovery funds over ideological differences with their conservative governments. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen admitted last year that the withholding of funds is one of several “tools” that Brussels can use to force member states to “work with us.”

This is actually a bigger issue than the war: why are democracy countries allowed to take out adjustable interest rate loans, where interest can all of a sudden double out of nowhere?

The underlying concept of “democracy” is that government is temporary and constantly being switched out, so why are these temporary officials allowed to make decisions that will affect people for decades?

If everyone is an equal partner, why is Germany unilaterally allowed to declare that they are withholding funds?

It’s almost like the assumption is that a democracy is a faceless bureaucracy, which uses a rotating series of figureheads as public representatives of an invisible system which is consistent not only internally, but across supposedly independent nations.

It’s as if anyone who bucks that system gets called a “dictator” and accused of all sorts of things.

Furthermore, Zelensky is not a member of the EU or NATO, and he’s just getting this money dumped on him like he’s a big truck.

This is the problem of a society that refuses to clearly define its values and and objectives. No one really has any idea what is going on; the decisions are made by invisible councils, public explanations from politicians are meaningless (even involving menacingly opaque jargon such as “tools” and “work with us”), money is moving around everywhere, and no one really even has a basic idea of what is happening, let alone why.

The actual situation is that Orban is a long-time leader (called a “dictator” in the West), so he has more investment in his country, because he actually has to answer for what he does. Von der Leyen is a gimpy old hag who can be switched out at any time with any number of random people from the bureaucracy, while she can then slip like a slippery snake back into the bureaucracy.

Everyone in the bureaucracy is making money on these Ukraine transfers. Usually not in the form of direct Biden-style payouts, which are really high-risk (and basically one step up from running a protection racket, which is one step up from being a liquor store bandit), but through an established system of investment networks and corporate contracting run by international Jew bankers.