I Can’t Even Describe My Outrage That Merrick Garland and Ben Stiller Went to Meet Zelensky in the Same Week

Ben Stiller is actually somehow shorter than Zelensky. That makes him like, 5’2″.

I wrote about this yesterday: in the same week, both the Russian Jew Attorney General Merrick Garland and the Russian Jew Ben Stiller went to “Ukraine” to meet the Russian Jew leader of the country Volodymyr Zelensky, who was installed via a violent coup by the Russian Jew Victoria Nuland, to congratulate him on his brutal and unjustified war against Russia.

I can’t stop thinking about it.

It’s the audacity of it that is such an outrage. They feel totally confident that they can behave this way, and continue to tell the stupid goyim dogs that this is all about “democracy,” and not a Jewish ancient blood hatred of Russia.

But therein lies the true outrage: they’re right.

Obviously, I’m censored. Other people who talk about Jews are censored. The people who aren’t censored who know about Jews can’t say it aloud for fear of being censored.

But it’s like… how much stupidity of the goyim can be tolerated? At what point do you start to think “the Jews are right – white people deserve all of this”?

There is some question as to whether teaching the peasants to read and write was actually a good idea. But they can read now. So, how are they not saying…


“Volodymyr Zelensky…”

“Ben Stiller…”


“Merrick Garland…”

“Victoria Nuland…” 

“And it’s all about… democracy?”

“Something seems a bit fishy here… can’t quite put my finger on it, but it’s something…”

But, no.

The goyim literally don’t know.

The best the right-wing can come up with is “this isn’t our fight, we should be spending that money on soy/corn chemical juice for infants.”

Even the left should be saying “we support Jews destroying Russia and China so they can dominate the globe and force everyone to have women’s rights and anal sex.”

Even if you find someone (really just as likely to be left as right at this point) that will say “this isn’t Russia’s fault, the US was using Zelensky to get the Ukraine into NATO because they wanted to put in missiles that can reach Moscow in 3 minutes,” you’re getting a bit closer, but you have to ask: “why is the US trying to put nuclear missiles on Russia’s border? The Cold War ended more than 30 years ago, and Russia wanted to join NATO. What is the perceived threat here?”

Leftists might say “arms sales” (whereas rightists would be more likely to use the term “military industrial complex”), but that is really just trite. What are you talking about when you say “arms sales”? You’re talking about private companies lobbying the government for economic purposes. Then go ahead and keep going. Firstly, this isn’t generally good for any other industry, all of which lobby the government. Secondly, there are at least a hundred countries in the world where the US could drum up a fake war that is not going to be against a superpower. The US could be arming Colombia against Venezuela, they could be arming any African country, they could even be doing a war on China’s doorstep in Southeast Asia. China isn’t going to intervene if the US starts arming the Philippines against Indonesia.

Then it’s “oh, well, the military industrial complex saw an opening for war when Putin invaded.” Well, firstly, the only reason he invaded was because of the actions of the United States, first overthrowing the government of the Ukraine, then arming the Ukraine, then saying they were going to put them in NATO. At any point, they could have just not done those things. Secondly, Russia has invaded and annexed former Soviet territory repeatedly – Chechnya, Georgia, and parts of the Ukraine itself in 2014. None of these were big events. They barely even made the news – and Chechnya in particular was pretty brutal. I’m not saying it didn’t need to be done, but man – that was a seriously brutal war.

Without US militarization of the Ukraine, this invasion wouldn’t have happened, but even if it did, it would have just been a quick swoop of the Donbass, where 100% of the population speaks Russian and wants to be a part of Russia.

Finally, even if you somehow get to the point of “well, the World Economic Forum is trying to form a global government and Russia is a holdout” – you’re most of the way there, but you still have problems. Once again: communism ended 30 years ago. In that 30 years, Russia has been trying to be friends. Russia tried to join NATO – they asked three times, with three different presidents, the last one being Putin asking Bill Clinton in the 1990s. Frankly, if I’m just being honest, they probably would have joined the EU as well. Putin is portrayed as this far-right leader, but he really isn’t. At all. Russia is a far-right country, where even the communist party supports banning gays and repealing women’s rights, and Putin is a moderate. That’s how he’s universally viewed in Russia – as a moderate. He’s really not that much different than Victor Orban. Hungary is in the EU because it was the easiest way to get out of the poverty caused by communism and its collapse and catch up with the rest of Europe. I think Putin and Russia would have taken that deal. Why would they not? There’s nothing to prevent it.

The West wanted to keep Russia as an enemy, they shaped Russia into an enemy after the Cold War. It is good for Russia they did that, because God turns the world of evil men to good, and your enemies are what make you whole.

But why did the West spend all of these decades ensuring that Russia was an enemy?

It’s because Jews really, really, really hate Russians. Like, a lot more than they hate everyone else. You can consider different angles as to why that is. But it’s just a fact. At this point, the easiest explanation is that it’s the last white and relatively Christian power in the world, but the hate seems to go back a lot longer than that.

Frankly, despite the whole Hologram thing, Jews don’t really seem to hate Germans that much. But they hate Germans more than they hate Anglos. For whatever reason, Anglos are the best friend of the Jews outside of the Moslems. There are questions about why that is, but it seems to be related to the development of protestantism, which has always been inclined towards pro-Jewishness. I’m not talking about Christian Zionism, which is new and effectively just open worship of the Jews as gods. Before that though, protestant philosophy seemed to be on rails to merge with Jewishness, in that it is so materialistic. The likely origin of this is the drive to explain Christian mysteries using sophistry, which ultimately led to claims that miracles were metaphors, and then you ended up with NEETzsche – because if everything is material, why even have a god at all? Of course, you couldn’t teach Thus Spoke Zarathustra to the goyim, so you ended up with utilitarianism.

Wait Wait Wait

I started this article then had a personal emergency (negro home invasion), then had to write the second part while the first part was not perfectly fresh in my brain. Given my policy against proofreading, it took me a second to remember that this was not supposed to be about protestantism as a gateway to atheism, or the absurdity of being an atheist and not becoming a pedophile serial killer drug lord, or utilitarianist democracyism being the apotheosis of Jewish dominion over the goyim.

What I was talking about was the fact that people are incapable of seeing what is happening right in front of their faces with these Jews going to war with Russia in the name of emotionalized, convoluted gobbledygook. I was going to wrap this up with something hopeful… Is that right? Hopefulness? Here?

Oh. Right.

There is very serious pain coming for normal people, at the same time as the Jews have reached peak conspicuousness in their dirty dealings. There’s no knowing where this Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) thing is going, though it does seem to be getting to the point where everyone is going to know someone who suddenly died for no reason. Maybe not – who knows. We have no idea what the long-term effects of this vaccine are, we just know that on a long enough timeline, everyone’s survival rate drops to zero. What is not confusing is the fact that we are in the beginning of some kind of “recession,” which is going to rapidly transform into a total economic collapse at some point, while Joe Biden is babbling about wanting to bring back coronavirus.

So, basically, aside from stupidity, the only reason people don’t want to talk about these Jews comes down to politeness. It is impolite to speak negatively of these Jews after they were blasted through the Hologram on a rollercoaster.

Well, the first thing that happens in a Walking Dead type situation is that people forego politeness.

So, look: hold your ground and stick to the plan.

The plan has always been to draw the line between left and right on the Jews. The plan was never to convert leftists to right-wingers, the plan was to convert right-wingers to right-wingers. You can’t believe in reality and not understand that Jews are at the center of the movement of basically all world events, and this “Ukraine” thing is an example of something being so absurdly Jewish that it’s almost incomprehensible that everyone isn’t forced to just say it aloud like a few people did with the whole neocon Middle East invasions thing.

You combine the complete lack of concealment with a full-on economic crisis, then add that to the collapse of Christian Zionism, and people are going to start saying the word “Jew.” It won’t take long until they’re saying “kike.” The whole issue in the first place was just being allowed to have the debate. If you have the debate, no one can claim “Jews are good for society.” Furthermore, if you have the debate, no one can claim that the Bible says you should worship the people who murdered Christ.