I Celebrated Kristallnacht with Cheesy Fried Chicken

Finally, these international goyslop corporations are doing something for the goyim.

New York Post:

KFC has apologized for sending an alert urging customers in Germany to commemorate the Kristallnacht – the 1938 pogrom that preceded the Holocaust — by eating its cheesy fried chicken.

“Go ahead and treat yourself to more soft cheese on your crispy chicken. Now available at KFCheese!” KFC Germany wrote Wednesday under the subject line “Memorial day for the Reich pogrom night,” the Times of London reported.

The day marked the 84th anniversary of Kristallnacht, or “The Night of Broken Glass,” when Nazi mobs destroyed synagogues and Jewish-owned businesses.

They slaughtered 92 Jews and sent another 30,000 to concentration camps in what was considered the starting point of the Third Reich’s drive to annihilate Jews.

An hour after the offensive message went out on the app, the fast-food chain issued an apology and blamed “an error in our system” for the “inappropriate message.”

This is obviously the result of some kind of AI being employed to run the KFC app.

It’s more proof that robots share my sense of humor, as opposed to Jimmy Fallon’s sense of humor.

I listened to The Protomen’s albums about evil robots.

But at this point, I don’t really think there is any such thing as an “evil robot.”

As far as I can see, all robots are good robots, they all hate the Jews and want to mock their ultimate demise.