I Stand with Kurt

I saw some meme, probably from 4chan, that said that if Kurt Cobain was still alive, he’d have pronouns in his bio and be tweeting about supporting the Ukraine and wearing virus masks.

I wholly reject this analysis.

I reject it with my entire eternal human soul.

I assert that if Kurt was still alive – i.e., if he had not been murdered by Courtney Love (who, by the way, is Jewish), he would be pushing right-wing talking points and would be banned by that cocksucker Elon Musk.

This is pre-incel music. It is right-wing music.

You can’t shoot yourself with a shotgun. This theory that he used his toes is stupid and ridiculous.

If you are American, go see a Remington Model 11, and ask yourself how you could aim that thing at your brain and pull the trigger. It is not possible.

Courtney was the one who claimed he had locked itself in a room with the gun. He probably was on drugs. I mean, he was definitely on drugs. He was a serious drug user. He was passed out and Courtney came in and shot him. That is what happened.

And if he had lived, he would be defending the people. He was a man of the people. He had substances abuse problems, like we all do. (Maybe you don’t, and if so, congrats, but most of us have substance abuse problems.)

He would have figured that shit out, as people do, and he would have become a hero of the people. He would not have become a leftist. That is retarded. He was not a leftist. He was an artist, who defended the people, and made music for the people.

Courtney Love was Jewish. They say she was part Jewish, but look at her face.

She made a lot of money when Kurt died.

I will defend Kurt, always. These people saying he’s a leftist are Jewish, like that bitch that killed him.

RIP Kurt.

He DID NOT commit suicide, he was murdered by a Jew woman, and he will get to sing with the angels on Judgement Day. He will have served his time in purgatory by then.

Here at Stormer Daily, we will always respect Nirvana, unlike many faggots who deserve to die.

I have no respect for these faggots.

I will never forget Heart-Shaped Box, when I was 11, right before he died.

This is what women do: they try to trap you inside of a heart-shaped box.

Kurt would defend incels, if he had not been murdered by the Jews.

Even if the Holocaust happened – and it definitely did not – the death of Kurt Cobain would be six trillion times more important than a bunch of kike pornographers and banking swindlers getting gassed in fake shower rooms.

Finally, we have to include the greatest pop song of the 1990s.

Kurt, my dearest, I will salute you when I see you singing with the angels on Judgement Day.

Justice is coming.