Iceland Disrespects Mike Pence and America with Disgusting Country-Wide Anal Masturbation Display

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
September 7, 2019

Can you tell me what is wrong with this picture?

Computer, enhance:

America’s supposed allies treat us like complete dogshit.

They are openly disrespectful to Amerikaners in their media and every time one of our elected representatives takes a trip to their countries, they see fit to organize mass protests and a ritual condemnation from all the key cultural figures. This has been going on for a while, but it’s gotten far, far worse in the age of Trump.

You can also feel it on an individual level when you travel in “friendly” countries as an American. You get nothing but seething contempt for the backward boor trying to check-in at the Airbnb or strike up a conversation at the bar. America’s supposed enemies will treat you far more courteously than self-righteous lefty Eurotrash, lemme tell you.

I spit in your general direction *tfu* *tfu*

I don’t think that any vassals have so openly thumbed their noses at the empire that dominates them like this anytime in history. The US has truly lost the plot here. I’m not even being ironic or sarcastic or post-ironic here. I’m just spitting facts.

As bad as the US is, this is truly disgraceful and disrespectful behavior on the part of Iceland, regardless.

The Guardian:

As Mike Pence pulled up to Höfði House in Reykjavík, he was met not only by Iceland’s president, Guðni Jóhannesson, but also a row of rainbow flags.

An office block belonging to the IT company Advania opposite the historic building had changed its flags on the morning of the US vice-president’s visit.

“We just felt the need to celebrate diversity today and wanted to show that by flying the flags,” Ægir Már Þórisson, the company’s director, told the Icelandic news website Monitor.

Another office nearby, the headquarters for the Efling trade union, had also switched the flags on its masts for Pride ones.

Pence, a devout Christian, has previously supported anti-LGBT policies, including opposing the repeal of a law that prevented openly gay people from serving in the US military.

In his previous post as governor of Indiana, he voted against a bill banning discrimination against people based on their sexual orientation. He also became the first vice-president to speak at the openly anti-LGBT Family Research Council’s annual conference in 2018.

Bloomberg’s White House correspondent, Justin Sink, pointed out on Twitter that Jóhannesson had been wearing a rainbow bracelet in pictures showing him shaking Pence’s hand. Iceland’s first lady, Eliza Reid, also wore a rainbow bracelet for the occasion.

I don’t know where they got the gall – maybe they interbred with trolls and became an island of edgy contrarians? Maybe their women are so stuck-up and stocky that they all heck each other up the ass?

I simply do not know.