Idiot Gambian Runs Into Wall, Sues UK Border Agency

The Argus
November 14, 2013

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A man who broke his spine when he deliberately ran headlong into a brick wall while in detention awaiting deportation has launched a High Court damages action.

Gambian Amadou Nyang is now paralysed from the neck down and lives in a care home in West Sussex.

The incident at Tinsley House in January 2008, an immigration removal centre near Gatwick which is managed by G4S on behalf of the UK Border Agency, was allegedly triggered by the repeated refusal to allow Nyang to watch his national team play a football match on TV.

Simon Readhead QC, told Mr Justice Lewis in London: “It appeared to have been that which so agitated and disturbed him that he ran headlong into a wall causing the personal injuries which have devastated his life.”

The prosecution contends that Nyang constantly being confined and not even being allowed to see the football was the last straw.

Mr Readhead said it was clear that Nyang responded to those who took the time to counsel him and he could be calmed down if handled properly.

If there had been better management and an earlier review of his deteriorating condition, he would not have reached such a highly disturbed state with its attendant risk of self-harm.

There was no criticism of officers for failing to stop his impulsive reaction in response to continued provocation but of the situation which was permitted to develop, added counsel.

tinsley house
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