If We are So Racist and Terrible Then Why are They Still Here?

Juno News
September 4, 2014

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It is becoming abundantly clear that the white population is becoming increasingly frustrated at the manner is which non-white and/or militant religious immigrants feel that they have the absolute right to marginalise and demean us as a nation, knowing that the liberal agencies will cater to the ‘cries for justice’ under the catch-all ‘racist’ banner.

One of the great problems for race relations in Britain is the constant attacks on the white British population by people who have emigrated here from other countries (or their children), For decades we have been lectured to by spokespeople from such groups telling us how racist we are, and them defining racism to mean everything that leads them to not having a perfect life in this country.

Every disappointment that life can throw up for people from the Indian subcontinent, Africa, the Caribbean, and Asia is apparently the result of the inherent racism of the British people, caused by their appalling colonialist past. Of course, immigrants have been led by the Leftist establishment to believe that such propaganda will only improve their lot in this country. In the case of the grotesque anti-British stance of the Labour Party, this was nothing more than cynical vote-buying by a party that had abandoned its traditional white British working class vote.

In Asia you will see racism of a kind that would turn the stomach of any British person. Foreign people who died from being knowingly refused the correct medical treatment in hospitals because of their ‘inferior’ race. People who were charged more than locals in shops because of their race, etc.. A foreign person in India or China would never meet people in those countries trying hard not appear racist!


Talking about racism  is about the social awkwardness that can arise when people from obviously different cultures come together. Radically different dress marks the person out as someone who is either a new arrival or has no interest in becoming like everyone else, i.e., integrating. Being introduced at a dinner party to a man wearing nothing but a loin cloth, who has a painted face, who is carrying a spear and has a wooden stake through his nose would be the cause (at the very least) of some hesitation and awkwardness in conversation! But such awkwardness would have nothing to do with racism. Even a man wearing the Scottish kilt in England can elicit comments about men wearing women’s clothing, and how to protect one’s nether regions in cold weather, etc.. That isn’t racism, but usually just good-natured banter.

Perhaps if immigrants and their Marxist confederates would cease their endless campaign to make the British people feel guilty about allowing them into this country and spend a bit more time telling the British people how much gratitude they owe them for their generosity, they might encounter less social awkwardness. Public loathing of the indigenous white people, their history, their culture, and their society, can only generate resentment towards people of other races in this country, and inevitably raises the question “If we are so racist and so terrible, why are you still here?”.

What has caused the friction, and hostility, now felt by many indigenous British, is the wholesale imposition, in many cases backed by law, of incomers customs – from the lands they chose to leave – on this, the host country to which they now wish to belong. Rather than being founded on a sense of obligation, this is all about minorities’ supposed “entitlement.”

To elevate the newcomers’ customs, as our disconnected politicians and quangoists have done, above those of the “natives” is palpably unjust, divisive and dangerous.