Illegal LA Trailer Park Oozing Human Feces Onto Neighboring Properties

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New York Post:

An illegal collection of 25 camper vans parked on a suburban California street has been oozing human feces and urine onto neighbors’ property, which they claim has been making them sick.

The setup is located on a private property by “vanlord” Cruz Godoy, who rents the RVs to people with nowhere else to live.

However, authorities say she hasn’t got the required permits or proper facilities — but still took years to act, despite floods of complaints from angry residents.

Maria Macias, whose yard backs into Cruz’s lot, said while she feels bad for the people living in the RVs, the stench coming from the illegal campers has been “unbearable for years.”

“It’s been so stressful,” Macias told The Post in tears. “I just wish someone could help. We have all gotten sick because of all the feces is everywhere. And then we see them trying to clean early in the morning with really strong chemicals to get rid of the smell, but we don’t know what’s in the chemicals.”

The Post was on hand as Los Angeles Police Department officers accompanied officials from the city’s Department of Water and Power to cut off the electricity to the camp in Sylmar, Calif. on Tuesday.

As temperatures reached over 100 degrees Tuesday afternoon, some of the residents walked out of their campers confused, angry and flustered after discovering their power was suddenly cut off.

“I was sleeping because I work at night, but I have my three sons here and I don’t know what to do now,” said Claudia, who declined to provide her last name.

“It’s f—king hot right now and now I don’t have electricity. I talked to (Cruz) and she also has no power. No one knows when it will be back on.”

Hector Rivera, who lives about a six houses away from the home, alleges Godoy — who declined to talk when approached by The Post — not only rents out illegal RVs, but garages and sheds.

The smell is so bad, the flies … and there are unsavory people running around the neighborhood,” Rivera said. “People have been sick and we think it might be the fumes (from the house).”

Carmen Cisneros, who has lived next door to the property for the last 30 years, said she is also concerned about the stench around the property, which permeates her home.

Cisneros said her chain-linked fence separating her property from Godoy’s has buckled under the weight of the plywood the landlord has placed in order to block her view into the illegal RV lot.

The feces and urine runs down the street and the smell is unbelievable,” Cisneros said. “Cruz used to have a shop at the swap meet, but when that shut down during the pandemic, she brought it to her house. Then I started seeing RVs about three years ago.

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