Illegal Mexicans Deserve Driver’s Licenses Because of the Holocaust

James Watson
Daily Stormer
October 2, 2013

Your words burn the air
Like the names of candy bars
Soul Coughing
“Bus to Beelzebub”

For the life of me I cannot think of a better phrase to describe the nature of advertising. To make a bundle, all you need to find is a nugget of word gold, a verbal short-circuit to the cerebral cortex. This much is obvious. No need for any further diatribe about psy-ops and mind control methods.

Leaving aside their alchemy of language, another thing contributing to their success is the advertisers’ apparent lack of anything remotely resembling taste or shame in hawking their wares. Living in Israeli-occupied Los Angeles for a few years, my eyes were barraged mercilessly in ways I would sooner forget. You look up and see a menacing space alien bursting through the walls of a 20 story building? It’s not the latest Hollywood sci-fi offer, it’s just another day’s drive down Wilshire Boulevard. (Only a fool’s list of priorities would place the aesthetics of the city above the need to sell video games). At the mall, you notice the rubber hand rail on the escalator now has ads printed on it. Oh yes, they did.

Perhaps the most ingenious triumph of advertising, though, is this: the popular notion that media exists to provide content, that TV is about programs, that email is about talking to your friends, or that Google is about altruistic quests for knowledge. You start to get the idea when you notice Facebook throwing an ad onto your window relating to the words you just typed, even if you subsequently deleted those words and never sent the message!

Given their effectiveness, is it any wonder why these methods are frequently applied to other activities (more bluntly, to the selling of ideas rather than commodities)? Much has been written about the invocation of the Holocaust in promoting Jewish interests, and examples are never in short supply. In reading about California’s new law granting drivers’ licenses to illegal immigrants, I found this:

“As an American Jew, I am very sensitive to the ‘mark’ issues raised by the well-intended opponents of this measure,” state Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, D-Sacramento, said Thursday while arguing for passage of the bill.

But while the yellow Stars of David that European Jews had to wear during the Holocaust were tools for furthering discrimination and genocide, these licenses will help end discrimination, Steinberg said.

You’d be hard pressed to find a more egregious example of Jews’ promoting their interests at the expense of the majority. Steinberg makes a solemn case for the poor oppressed illegals. Endangerment of public safety and basic notions of fairness be damned. But for good measure, why not pull out the “Big Guns”? It appears that brandishing the “hard ‘H’” is not just an ace-in-the-back-pocket kind of move anymore. Increasingly, this invocation comes first, eliminating the need for any further discussion.