I’m Officially Declining to Comment on That Prigozhin Video

I just wanted to go ahead and let everyone know (because a lot are asking): I’m not commenting on that video of Yevgeny Prigozhin yelling at the Russian defense ministry in front of a pile of corpses.

If you don’t know what the video is, you can go ahead and search for it. It’s from nearly 24 hours ago, and I’ve not seen a response from the Kremlin (meaning there isn’t one at time of writing).

I simply do not know enough about what is happening on the ground in the Ukraine. I stopped following it, because I think it is a footnote in the larger scheme of things, which is ultimately about the global shift of the balance of power towards China.

The power shift is going swimmingly. The Ukraine border skirmish, as we all know, has met some snags.

If I was going to give any comment, I would say that I have full faith in Putin, and [REDACTED].

I will say: this is very concerning. I don’t think anyone on our side can watch that video and not feel concerned. Prigozhin is one of the single most popular figures in Russia, and that arguably makes him one of the most powerful, and making public statements like this against the Russian MoD (in front of a pile of corpses no less) is a very extreme action.

My heart and prayers are with Russia, they are with the boys in the field, with Wagner, with Putin and everyone at the Kremlin, and they are above all with the families of the dead.

This is going to be worked out.

What I’m not going to do is say who’s right and who’s wrong, because I’m not sure anyone is either.

If I was going to take my commentary any further – and I’m not going to, but if I was – I would quote this article from RT today:

China will work with Russia to bring about peace between Moscow and Kiev, Foreign Minister Qin Gang said on Thursday after meeting with his Russian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov. The diplomats discussed the matter on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) foreign ministers summit in Goa, India.

“China will continue to promote peace negotiations and is willing to maintain communications and coordination with Russia in order to make tangible contributions to the political settlement of the crisis,” Qin said, according to the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

The Russian Foreign Ministry released a statement saying that the diplomats discussed Ukraine among other “pressing issues.” It added that Lavrov and Qin condemn the “modern practices of neocolonialism that have a destructive effect on the development of the majority of countries of the world and on all spheres of international relations.”

And I would suggest that maybe Emperor Xi might consider sending the Wagner boys what they need to finish up in “Bakhmut.”

Zelensky has given an unequivocal “no” to any negotiations at all, and he can’t walk that back because he’s a puppet of the US State Department. So if China is supporting Russia in the Ukraine, I think they need to consider sending whatever Wagner needs.

The US ability to retaliate is limited, since they’ve already retaliated against China to the max for refusing to honor their sanctions on Russia.

But again: I would never comment on any of this. If there is an official statement from the Kremlin, I will comment on that, otherwise, I am not a war speculation or war analysis blogger, I’m not a commenter on internal Russian politics, I’m not a Substack Jew concern trolling.

I am for Russia and I simply wish Russia and China the best in dealing with this absurd fake problem and unfathomable massacre created by the American Jews.