I’m Pretty Sure Tucker is Not Running in 2024

Yesterday, I posted Tucker Carlson’s speech and interview at an evangelical event in Iowa, and noted that the media is now claiming he might run in 2024. I hadn’t watched the videos at the time.

I now have watched them, and though he was effectively presenting a political platform, I do not think he is planning to run in 2024.

As far as the speech – it was mostly attacks on the Republican Party. There is a lot of stuff in there that he got from… somewhere… stuff that I agree with a lot. A long rant about how ugly strip malls are, and how this is an abomination before God, is something I really wish Christian groups would do more.

And, you know, I agree with him on a lot; everyone on the right agrees with him on a lot. The stuff about family being the center of human existence is the underlying item of importance, above all else.

That said, Tucker has wrapped a lot of this stuff that I love around what appears to be a core ideology that I’m really just not a huge fan of. I realized that more watching these two videos than I think I ever had before. And it’s mostly about the race stuff. I don’t think that any of this politics stuff is going to work if we don’t first acknowledge fundamental racial differences, and then declare, positively, that white people are the core population of America, and that whiteness has to define our country.

“A colorblind meritocracy” is not something that anyone can rally around. It’s not something that anyone is going to die for. And there is nothing metaphysical, spiritual, or really even meaningful about it. This is not a philosophical doctrine, it’s an economic and legalistic doctrine. So much of what he is saying is philosophical and metaphysical, but then the bottom line is some stupid economic policy?

This isn’t really even coherent. How can you reject libertarian concepts of utilitarianism and then say the bottom line is “colorblind meritocracy” – a libertarian utilitarian concept?

He says all this stuff about how he doesn’t care if people call him a racist and he despises cowards who are afraid of being called racists, but why would he draw the underlying point of “colorblind meritocracy” unless he was afraid of being called a racist?

We have an ancient Western tradition, and part of that is our ethnic heritage. There’s nothing wrong or evil about saying that. It doesn’t mean you want to kill other people. It means that you believe there is spiritual meaning to the blood, to the shared blood, and to the history of the blood. There is no nation that survived for very long without a fundamental basis in shared genetics.

That doesn’t mean that every single nonwhite person has to be kicked out of America, or that America won’t remain “pluralistic,” but it does mean that as a nation, we are white Europeans, that this is fundamental to our identity, and that for America to continue to exist, that has to be acknowledged, and we have to preserve it.

Colorblind meritocracy is also just stupid, because you’re basically saying “we’re just going to completely exclude blacks” in a way that I don’t even think is fair to black people. I mean, we have these blacks in our country, we’re going to have to do something with them, and they definitely do not have a place in a colorblind meritocracy, because they have very little merit. It seems like it would be much better for the blacks to just say “this is a white country, but you guys live here too, we’re going to try to figure something out for you.”

They’re already calling him a white supremacist, so saying “this country needs to have a core ethnic identity” is not going to result in him being called a double white supremacist. It’s definitely not going to offend any of his followers.

As a smaller criticism, I was also disappointed that Tucker said nice things about Ron DeSantis, who is the enemy. People don’t know he’s the enemy yet. But I know it and he should know it by now. He’s a lot more connected than I am (I hope).

I like that Tucker said he has become more spiritual, and looks at the left as a force of evil. That’s new and it’s getting closer to the truth.

During the interview after the speech, he was asked whether he’ll be running in 2024. I think everyone kind of assumed that was why he was there. He didn’t deny it outright, and instead made a joke. But this seems to be a kind of trial run for something that could happen in 2028 rather than 2024.

As I’ve said, I would support him over Trump, but he’s the only person I would support over Trump. I’m definitely not supporting Ron DeSantis, who is surrounded by the worst people on earth and is being shilled by #NeverTrump media.

I don’t want to attack Tucker, but what I would ask him is if “colorblind meritocracy” is actually something you can form a society around. Is this a philosophical or spiritual doctrine, or is it a libertarian economic doctrine that is already illegal under the Civil Rights Act anyway?

I think the two videos are worth a watch, and you should draw your own conclusions. I would say there is definitely a lot more good than bad there, and more good than any other person in politics, but we should acknowledge that his development over the last 3 or 4 years, as he’s tried to formulate a clear political doctrine, has kind of stagnated and has pretty serious flaws.