I’m Thinking of Getting an “INCEL PRIDE” Tattoo

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 4, 2019

Recently, while listening to some incel materials, I realized that I am an incel.

Furthermore, I realized that I have incel pride, and would identify as an incel even if I were pulling mad pussy.

You see, the thing about this is: thinking your value has something to do with the fact that women do or don’t want to have sex with you is literally the most pathetic of all beta moves. If ever in life you are linking your personal value to what women think of you, you have become the lowest waste of life on earth.

There is no lower position than to be some bitch’s boyfriend. In this modern era, you might as well be a catamite, as much honor as you have in your relationship.

This is why I’m considering getting an “INCEL PRIDE” tattoo, like Cain Velasquez’ “BROWN PRIDE” tattoo – across my chest.

Obviously, this is a joke.

I’m kidding with you.

Because I would never get a tattoo – tattoos are disgusting and degenerate.

However, on the point of incel pride, I am 100% serious.

Sex is literally the most boring activity of all of the recreational acts (lower than bowling). It has been promoted as especially important by Jewish hoaxers, who do not tell you how ugly a woman actually is if you see her up close, or how she smells, or how she drools in her sleep like a retard.

If you view sex as important, or you associate your personal value with it, you are completely insecure and have failed as a man.

Every time you go out there thirsty, putting yourself up to be judged by a woman, hoping you appeal to her, you are violating your own soul.

The concept that a man should ever, in any situation, be subjected to the value judgement of a woman is pure evil. Allowing a woman to judge your value is like being forced to ask your dog if you’re allowed to watch an R-rated movie.

In truth, there are only three forms of honest sexual engagement:

  1. Paying a prostitute
  2. Forced rape
  3. Buying a child bride from her father

In any other situation, you are putting yourself at the pleasure of a woman, and you are a slave of pussy. There is none lower than such a wretch.

It is time for the gaming community to embrace inceldom – to own this insult, and treat it as what it truly is: a compliment. 

I think you should get acquainted with the following quick phrases:

  1. “Back off, cunt – I’m an incel!”
  2. “Get out of my face, you slut – this is incel territory!”
  3. “Nice try, bitch, but you didn’t know that I’m an incel!”

If you are an incel, you are vastly superior to the pathetic pussy slave, both mentally and spiritually. Anyone who would engage a goo-hole in this modern age is openly willing to be degraded and severely abused by that bitch, and must be an absolute masochist.

What exactly do you have to gain here?

The time has come for INCEL PRIDE to rise among the gaming community.

The time will come when we will engage women as whore mongers, rapists and child bride purchasers. Until then, we should steer clear of these sluts unless we are trying to run them over.

“It is better to live one day as an incel than 1,000 years as some annoying bitch’s boyfriend.” -Nikola Tesla (famous incel and genius)