In a Utopia, The Government has to Cut Your Balls Off to Prevent You from Doing It Yourself

The Mormons didn’t move fast enough to cut this guy’s balls off, so he had to cut his own balls off.

Now, the feds are going to hold the Mormons responsible.

This is all very normal. Very, very normal.

You are, in fact, living in a utopia. If you don’t recognize this as a utopia, you are the problem, and you should move to a fascist dictatorship like Russia or China, where men are forced to keep their testicles attached.

New York Post:

The Justice Department filed a lawsuit Tuesday against the state of Utah and its prison system after a transgender inmate “removed her own testicles” in response to “unnecessarily delayed” treatment for her gender dysphoria.

The lawsuit alleges that the incarcerated transgender woman – unnamed in the complaint –  was discriminated against by the Utah Department of Corrections following “multiple requests to UDOC staff for treatment for gender dysphoria, including multiple requests for hormone therapy” upon entering the state prison system in 2021.

The inmate was diagnosed with gender dysphoria in June 2022, nine months after she first requested hormone therapy, and the hormones were not provided to her until January 2023, according to the complaint.

“When UDOC started the Complainant on hormone therapy it did not do so safely or effectively,” the DOJ claims, adding that her access to care “was contingent on a biased and unnecessarily prolonged approval process” and resulted in her gender dysphoria worsening.

In May 2023, Complainant performed dangerous self-surgery and removed her own testicles, resulting in hospitalization and additional surgery,” the lawsuit states.

The Justice Department said in a statement that the lawsuit is “part of its broader efforts to combat discrimination against individuals with gender dysphoria.”

Note that the inmate has not been identified.

He was probably a child rapist. That’s typically what trannies are involved in: child rape.

The thing with the kids is a bit different, where they are going after kids with emotional problems in the school – particularly autistic kids and kids with single mothers – and manipulating them into thinking they are trannies.

Those kids are legitimate victims of the homosexuals, Jews, and women who run the American education system.

But adult trannies are all very sick people, with deep problems. Claiming that someone who cuts his own testicles off is very normal and just needed the government to cut his testicles off is so far outside of reality as to numb the mind.

This is what separation from God leads to: every type of stupid lie and confusion.

I was thinking about old school atheists like Ricky Gervais who were politically incorrect and opposed to this “woke” stuff.

Here he is going hard on trannies and on God:

It’s very ironic that these aggressive anti-God people actually thought they were going to create a perfectly rational world by denying God, and now they end up with the most irrational possible world.

None of the things that the atheists pointed at as “irrational” in the past really had anything to do with religion. Maybe you believe that “going to church and praying” is irrational, but it’s very easy to argue, even if you don’t believe in God, that church and prayer are good for community cohesiveness and personal mental health, as well as transferring positive social values.

But everything else they point at as “irrational” had to do with low scientific development. They will point at various medieval medical practices, at things like bloodletting, and say this was “irrational.” Well, that has nothing to do religion, obviously, but it’s hard to even say it was “irrational.” It was rational within the framework they were working with at the time, they just lacked scientific knowledge.

Religious-linked social practices like restricting women’s rights turned out to be very rational – the peak of rationality, in fact. The same, it turns out, is true of suppressing homosexuals.

The atheists would point to specific sects, such as the Christian Scientists, who refused medical treatment. But these were a minority religious group. If you look at mainline Catholics or early Protestants, there is very little you can point to and call “irrational” in terms of their actual behavior.

Certainly, religious people were not cutting men’s balls off and calling them women, or doing anything approaching that level of derangement. And the thing is: this stuff is all a result of the destruction of religion. This quest for “rationality” had the precise opposite effect.

Again: even if you believe religion is totally manmade, that God is not real – religion is still the best possible structure around which to organize a human society, as it provides guidelines that shape human perception of reality based on thousands of years of knowing what works and what doesn’t work.

“Women should stay at home and have children because God says they should do that” has the same effect as “women should stay home and have children because if we let them loose in public they will turn everything into a gigantic sex drama and then totally destroy society.” Just so, “God says homosexuality is an abomination” has the same core content as “if you normalize homosexuality, homosexuals will go into your schools and start convincing boys to chop their dicks and balls off.”

Without religion, nothing is true or false, and therefore nothing is right or wrong, and therefore the government will just start mutilating people’s genitals and claiming it’s a utopia.

There is no solution to modernity other than a return to God.