Public Libraries All Over America Turned Into Junkie Drug and Sex Zones – No One Cares

You might not know this, but libraries are an awesome place to get high and have sex with strangers in public.

That’s the nature of the transformation into a utopia: places that used to be for education for children become places for unique individuals to engage in joyful activities.

New York Post:

Once relied upon as hushed oases of learning, American libraries are now under siege, with staffers from California to New York complaining of rampant disorder and daily peril.

“There are times now you feel more like a security guard than a librarian,” one Brooklyn library employee told The Post this week. “This isn’t what a lot of us signed up for.”

Many libraries have turned into de facto shelters for those on the margins of society, including the homeless and mentally ill, a trend that has surged since the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Homeless and mentally ill” is a euphemism for “millennial junkies.”

Exasperated staffers are witnessing public sex, drug use and worse while suffering sexual harassment and explosions of violence on a routine basis.

Much of the disorder, they assert, takes place within close proximity to children.

“It’s sad,” the Brooklyn librarian said. “You’ll see parents come in with their kids after they first move here. They’re excited, they get their card, then you don’t see them again after awhile. They’ve told me firsthand that they just don’t feel like it’s a safe environment.”

Well, that’s why the slogan of utopia is “fuck those kids.”

In an unprecedented recent case, veteran Iowa librarian Jennifer Goulden filed suit against her former Des Moines branch, asserting administrators ignored her complaints of chaos — and even retaliated against her for speaking out.

Goulden catalogued a string of troubling incidents, including patrons masturbating to pornography at computer terminals within feet of children and threatening her with violence after she rebuffed their advances.

Goulden said her alarms were either downplayed or ignored by administrators, and she eventually quit her position for her mental health in her lawsuit.

In Iowa.

By the way: this is happening in Iowa.

The challenges librarians are facing right now are off the charts,” said Ryan Dowd, the CEO of a company that provides training for public facing employees, including librarians.

Dowd said many library staffers get no training in areas they likely never thought they would have to master — like dealing with a heroin overdose or someone in the throes of a schizophrenic episode,

The problem, he said, has exploded since COVID — and libraries are on the frontlines of the nation’s worsening homeless crisis.

Oh, I didn’t expect COVID to make something worse.

I thought it solved all of our problems and created a new utopian order?

A branch in Antioch, California abruptly shuttered in February after employees complained of unaddressed sex inside and outside the branch, drug use and violence.

“We’ve also had drug activity and drug use both inside the library and on library property,” Brooke Converse, a Contra Costa County Library System representative, said at the time.

People having sexual intercourse inside the library or on property in full view of patrons and staff. We found bullet casings on library property.”

It’s fine.

It’s all very normal.

This is democracy in action.