In Hoc Signo Perdes: Tommy Robinson Condemns Hitler as Black Mob Attacks Drive Him Out of Britain

Tommy Robinson has fled Britain after being attacked by a Black Lives Matter mob.

This only came to light after he posted a video in which he said he would not be able to return to Britain to participate in a forthcoming demo due to quarantine restrictions. Since the UK recently re-imposed quarantine restrictions on Spain, this has caused people to infer that he is there, and may even be planning to move there permanently.

Tommy has spent years affirming a spirit of racial inclusiveness, warning that the problem was just Moslems, not brown people generally; not even Moslems, but Islam; and not even Islam, but radical Islam.

Today he stands as a muppet mugged by reality, driven out of his own country by a mob organized along racial lines, the members of which, as he admits in the video, were not Moslems.

But even after being forced to flee his country by black mobs, Tommy is still at pains to point out how non-racist he is; and what a relief it was that Hitler lost, otherwise there would be no blacks in Britain to have driven him out.

“Had Churchill not won the war then there would be no BLM movement here in the UK, there would be no black people living in the UK. The UK would be 100% white and we would be slaves to Hitler.

To befuddled Brits battered by Diversity and Diversity propaganda, being Hitler’s slave in a 100% white Britain must sound not quite so unappealing a prospect.

It’s ironic that Tommy still fancies himself a revolutionary while espousing exactly the same government-approved, race-blind ideology that turned his town and country into a cesspit and then drove him out of it.

Although Tommy still has a certain following in Britain, he is increasingly marginalized within the patriot community who now see him for what he is: a coked-up Zio-puppet whose script and website are literally written for him by Jews living far away, thousands of miles from Britain’s shores.

Fleeing Britain for Spain will probably not work out for him either unless he plans to cash in his Zio-chips and get out of the anti-Islam racket altogether. Spain’s Socialist government is making prolific use of its prosecutorial powers to take out right-wing dissidents, even system-friendly ones like Tommy. For example, the news site AlertaDigital, which takes an anti-immigration and anti-Islam line, is under intense legal pressure, with its owner Armando Robles facing the prospect of years in prison. Perhaps Tommy should look to the other end of the Mediterranean for his new home and see if he can keep his racket going from Israel. The only problem is he may not qualify for immigration status there due to having the wrong DNA. He should take his “racism is wrong” message to the Israelis and see how it works out for him.