No Shalom: Coked-Up Tommy Robinson Rants at His Ex-Followers Who Accuse Him of Being a Zio-Shill

Daily Stormer
December 11, 2019

It was back in 2018 that Tommy Robinson started soliciting donations for a projected documentary on the Moslem “grooming gangs” that have enslaved and raped tens of thousands of pubescent British girls.

So far, no sign of it has appeared. The takeover of the Tommy Robinson operation by the Australian and Israeli Jews Avi Yemeni and Brian Bosko appears to have diverted the Great Man’s energies in another direction.

A preview of Tommy’s next masterpiece has now been released to YouTube: Shalom.

Apparently this is a documentary about an old Jew called Yisroel Shalom who says he was persecuted for no reason, as all Jews have been throughout history.

He claims to have been “attacked” more than a hundred times, but nearly all of these attacks apparently consisted of people saying things to him or spitting on him. Not the impactful type of “attack” then.

The attackers, whom he claims were Moslems, are also alleged to have sprayed swastikas and other graffiti on his house.

Connoisseurs of fake hate crime incidents will immediately feel their alarm bells go off at the sight of this badly drawn swastika. The ADL should probably run special courses for Jews, showing them how to draw fake swastikas correctly.

And why would Moslems spray a swastika anyway?

The local Moslems also seem to have been addicted to the same red spray paint, having used it in other locations at other times.

I found a few articles online (here and here) about this Yisroel Shalom. These sympathetically recount his tale of persecution. It all strikes me as a bit overwrought, though. Doesn’t quite ring true.

“After the graffiti attack I only ever went out for Shabbat to the synagogue,” he said. “I never went out on the streets because I needed to be in the house all the time.

““I had to flee my home just because I was a Jew. I can’t go into Newham because I am a Jew””

“All my doors and windows were double-locked and I spent four months ordering food online, and just walking from room to room.

“I couldn’t put music on because I needed to hear if anybody was trying to get into the house.

“One day I just said to myself, ‘You’re a coward, you need to come to terms with things, and very quickly I did come to terms with the fact I was going to die in Newham, simply because I was a Jew.”

Shalom died last year, not of Moslem persecution, but of a heart attack, most likely induced by all that takeaway food he was ordering plus the lack of exercise from being cooped up in his home.

Shalom seemed to want be a part of the Jewish agitation against Corbyn.

Shalom, who has been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), said he is speaking out now about the attacks in light of the Labour Party’s antisemitism scandal.

This is straightaway suspicious. It’s also suspicious that Tommy wanted to release his Shalom video before the general election in Britain (but will not now make it in time), presumably also to assist in the great Zio-push against Corbyn.

From my cursory review of the evidence, I’d say there’s a 50% chance Shalom was making it all (or nearly all) up; a 40% chance he was a genuine paranoiac who sincerely but wrongly believed himself to be persecuted; and maybe a 10% chance it was all real.

Tommy’s followers are not happy about the Shalom situation. But the video seems to have acted as a catalyst for long-brewing discontents. They ask why their money has gone to fund a documentary about an old Jew. They question how it is that Tommy can afford his (alleged) Gucci shoes and (alleged) £1.2 million home. They wonder how much of their money has disappeared up Tommy’s nose and the extra-big noses of his new handlers.

The disgruntled ex-sheep are now expressing their feelings in various JewTube videos. (Yes, they are actually calling it that themselves.)

As you can hear, some of these people are not very articulate. You can see why they needed Tommy as their avatar. Compared to them, he is a veritable Cicero. But now the spell is broken. The plebs have revolted against their leader.

But the Great Man has struck back. In what sounds like a coked-up rant, Tommy rails at the critics who accuse him of being a minion to the Jews.

Tommy declares his critics are “poisoning nationalism.”

By this, of course, he means they are graduating from kosher nationalism to the real thing.

The only disgrace is you, people who think this whole country has to be white, people who don’t believe non-white people can be proud of this country. You’re the disgrace. And not just a disgrace, you’re lazy bastards as well.

…Have a good day, apart from all you little “shill”, Jew-haters, fucking wankers man.”

It looks like, in the struggle for the soul of Tommy, the Jews have won. The question now is, in the struggle for the soul of British nationalism, will Tommy continue to hypnotize patriots with his kosher-certified vision of dissent, or will they break free towards the real thing? The signs are hopeful.