In the Next 10 Years, The 20-Something Population Will be Minority White

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
September 13, 2019

Goodbye America

Kim Hart wrote a piece for Axios titled “America’s sweeping tide of diversity.”

Quite a fitting name.


America is more racially diverse than at any point in history, and racial minorities are becoming more geographically dispersed than ever before.

Why it matters: Even before the 2020 census gets underway, recent population data makes it quite clear that rapidly expanding diversity will be the overarching theme of this century’s demographic shift.

What’s happening: Nationally, Hispanics and Asian Americans are the fastest-growing racial minority groups, increasing by 18.6% and 27.4%, respectively, between 2010 and 2018, according to an analysis by the Brookings Institution demographer Bill Frey, whose 2018 book “Diversity Explosion” outlined the country’s majority-minority future.

Meanwhile: The nation’s white population has grown only 0.1% since 2010 and is projected to decline over the next decade.

Reproduced from a Brookings Institution map; Map: Axios Visuals

The map above appears to have large “white” areas where racial minorities are not highly represented. But these are small, less-populated areas where the white population is stagnating, per Frey’s analysis.

Since 2010, 96% of all U.S. counties saw declines in shares of white population — and those declines aren’t likely to be offset by white immigration from other countries or increased U.S. birth rates going forward.

Especially when immigration from other countries is an exclusive right of People of Color.

Not just illegal immigration. Legal immigration is mostly reserved for brave and brilliant Indian minds because there’s a pronounced shortage of brilliant minds in America and in white people in general, apparently.

In the next 5–6 years, we’re going to see an actual decline in white population,” Frey told Axios, noting the shrinking share of the white population since 2000 among children under the age of 18. “In the next 10 years or so, the 20-something population will become minority white. It’s happening from the bottom up of the age structure.”

Between the lines: The white population’s declining slice of the population pie is widely blamed for the rise of white nationalist extremism and anti-immigrant sentiment. But the demographics also show that diversity and immigration are key to future U.S. economic growth.

What a nightmare.

The decline of the white population, they say, is not likely to be fixed by making more white babies, and in about 10 years, most 20-something people will be non-white.

Making more white babies to compete with the birthrates of cockroach-like creatures — despite helping — was never really a solution to the underlying problem anyways. How can this be fixed when the Jews keep pulling the strings to favor the diverse-skinned? Even if all immigration stopped, the infection will continue to spread through affirmative action, reparations for slavery, and “social help” or whatever they want to call this thing where they take money from productive white people and hand it over to violent monkeys.

This is happening nowadays:

Imagine the kinds of things that will be common ten years from now when most 20-something are non-white.

Daily Mail:

Police in Minneapolis have arrested more than a dozen suspected gang members, some as young as 13, accused of preying on drunk people and robbing them of their cellphones and valuables in a series of violent attacks.

One of the incidents took place on August 3 at the Target Field plaza and was captured on surveillance video.

The graphic recording shows a gaggle of about 12 teenagers and young men surround two men playing a game of dice on the sidewalk.

There is nowhere else to go.

Blacks and browns are invading every white country.

But… at least the eagles are on our side.

Daily Mail:

A child in Ethiopia has died following a brutal attack at the claws of an rogue eagle, attacking residents in the district of Gaashaamo.

Families in the region have been experiencing regular attacks all believed to have come from one particular bird.

Two other children have been left injured after similar attacks were visited upon them.

They were always on our side.