Innocent Football Lad Commits Suicide Over Worthless THOT

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
September 17, 2019

There is a long list of things that you shouldn’t ever do for a woman.

In no particular order:

  • Move states to be with her
  • Change jobs to be with her
  • Pick a school because of her
  • Get a tattoo to appeal to women (or ever get a tattoo)
  • Buy her anything
  • Hold the door for her
  • Reward her with stimulating conversation (she won’t appreciate it anyway)

You definitely shouldn’t ever kill yourself over a woman. They’re simply not worth it.

Daily Mail:

A young footballer died under the wheels of an express train just 12 hours after he broke off his romance with his girlfriend over texts he found on her phone.

Jacob Standbridge, 21, stepped in front of the high speed passenger locomotive after he texted his mother saying: ‘I love you mum so much. Thank you for everything you have done for me. I’m so sorry’.

Jacob – known as Jake – suffered multiple injuries in the 6.30am impact on October 13 last year at Sandbach railway station in Cheshire and died at the scene.

He had split up with Ciera Barnes the previous evening after he became upset about texts he found on her phone but a coroner ruled it was not clear whether he intended to take his own life.

It’s sad that this young lad never had anyone sit him down and tell him that these whores are worthless and that the divine spark only exists in the souls of men, not wahminz, which means that they should be treated with righteous scorn and disinterested contempt.

Notice that the article mentions him texting his mum, not his parents, which implies that single-mummery was afoot. But even if he had a father, he would have undoubtedly given his son bad and unproductive advice anyway. We know from the article that Jake had reached out to his mother for help and advice, none of which appears to have been forthcoming.

Also, I don’t want to make fun of this poor lad, so this should not be interpreted as mockery on my part, but a simple objective analysis of the situation. It is clear that Jake went through some serious lifestyle changes in very short order.

Compare these two pictures:

Roids and tats.

Jake wanted to appeal more to the satanic demon-whores that infest our society and encourage the worst behavior in men. His arms look like Popeye’s in the second pic, but all that muscle didn’t help him hold onto his THOT. The steroids did probably make him a hormonal wreck, and no doubt contributed to his suicide.

He had intended to propose to Ciera during a trip to New York and the pair bought a house together. But an inquest heard their relationship became troubled after he began taking steroid injections then coming off them.

His mother Karen told the Warrington hearing: ‘Sometime in January 2016 Jacob met Ciera, although he had had lots of casual girlfriends she was his first love and became part of the family.

‘But it seemed to be in the last seven to eight weeks of his life that things with Ciera became rocky, and this coincided with the period he started to use steroid injections.

On a somber note, for some reason, this story strikes me as particularly tragic. 

I suppose it is because Jake appears to be a normal, well-adjusted, even above average in some regard on account of his football skills. Despite all this, he was, unfortunately, cursed to a short life of beta-tude because of his single mum and society’s manipulation of young men, generally.

See, what members of the Incel Resistance like us are saying and the attitude that we’re trying to foster in young male readers will actually save lives if it is spread to the male masses. Because the fact of the matter is that if you tether your self-worth and your raison d’être as a man to the caprices of some little strumpet, you’re going to be in for a rough, rough ride.

Self-actualization either through the acquirement of useful skills, the pursuit of art, or the company of like-minded friends is the only thing that will make you, as a man, happy.

Seeking the approval of women will not.

Remember: the opinion of a woman is absolutely worthless and ALWAYS wrong.

They have no souls and if you allow them to, they will try to hold you to the standards that Jew cultural commissars try to force upon us all – and loathe you for not standing up to their stupidity with a firm pimp hand.