Instagram Hiding Political Content Until Users Opt In

So this is a weird new form of censorship: they don’t tell you that they are now hiding all political content unless you go and click an option.

Most people are too retarded to change their settings. If they know how to change settings, they probably are already aware that the entire Western world is controlled by blood-drinking Jews.

The Guardian:

Instagram users will see less of what Meta deems to be “political” content in their recommendations and feed suggestions unless they opt into it, in a change the company implemented in the past week.

The change requires users to delve into their settings to specifically opt in to political content through their preferences and was first picked up by users on the platform in recent days, implementing a change first announced on 9 February.

It is understood the feature was rolled out in the past week. According to Instagram’s version history in the Apple app store, prior to an update on Monday, the most recent change was a week ago.

The change affects the explore, Reels, and in-feed recommendations and suggested users that Instagram shows to users. The company has stressed users will continue to see political content from the accounts users already follow.

Meta has described what it deems to be political content as “laws, elections or social topics” but not provided more specific information as to what is political.

It applies to Instagram and Threads, and accounts flagged by Meta to be posting political content can appeal against the decision preventing them being recommended into feeds of users who have not opted in if they believe it has been wrongly applied.

Instagram has faced criticism recently for allegedly censoring content related to the Israel-Gaza war, while also grappling with the perception the algorithm for feeds on Facebook has fuelled political polarisation across the globe.

Did not know that the British spell “fueled” with two Ls.

You learn some new gay fact about the British every day.