Internet Drama: Ratty Jew Dave Portnoy Attacks Alex Stein for No Reason

A feud is exploding between Hero Alex Stein and Jew Dave Portnoy, and Portnoy is about to completely crash his very lucrative business exploiting the goyim.

Alex Stein is a comedian of which I am a very big fan. He goes to various places and engages in various hilarious shenanigans. You may remember him from the time he called AOC a big booty Latina, and AOC demanded he be arrested for complimenting her.

You might also remember him for hitting up shitbags (much worse than AOC) Dan Crenshaw and Ted Cruz.

But before these notable moments, he was going viral for hitting up various local city counsel meetings and saying funny things. There are tons of these speeches on his YouTube channel, but one of my favorites was from back in March when he spoke to the Richardson, Texas city council in military fatigues and tried to recruit for the Ukrainian Foreign Legion.

“Vladimir Putin is evil. He’s killing children, he’s killing stray animals – cats – with his bombs,” gets me every time.

Last week, he went to a city council meeting in Las Vegas and did something that was not explicitly political, telling a story about how he got drunk and gambled all his money away on a credit card and then ended up with a Filipino tranny prostitute. It’s very funny.

In stark contrast to Alex Stein, Dave Portnoy is a Jewish con artist and schemer who started a sports podcast then used yid wile to turn it into a massive hundreds of millions of dollar sized online gambling operation. Portnoy is the founder of Barstool Sports, which is not funny. Dave Portnoy is not funny at all, and he is extremely Jewish.

He looks like a creature that would crawl out of an alley with locks and a black hat in Warsaw in the 17th century and offer you sex with a midget for 3 shillings.

(For the record, Alex Stein is some part Jewish – either a half or a quarter, I’m not sure – but was raised Christian and is a Christian and has been claimed by the Aryan Race. Alex is very handsome, in contrast to Portnoy’s ratlike physiognomy.)

Portnoy is nominally right-wing, and I’ve basically agreed with most of the things I’ve heard him say in a general sense, but I’ve always harbored an instinctive disgust for his ratlike appearance and mannerisms. Over the years, he’s morphed from doing a politically incorrect sports podcast into being the chief of an online gambling empire, and there is basically nothing greasier than online gambling. It is greasier than the greasiest crypto pump and dump. Also, Portnoy is under investigation for a crypto pump and dump. He did some bit where he was like “I want to see if my influence is enough to increase the value of a shitcoin” – but it wasn’t a bit, he did increase the value, and then he dumped.

Portnoy won some points with the right when he defended r/WallStreetBets when they got cockblocked by Robin Hood for pumping GameStop. He appeared on Tucker Carlson and nominally denounced his kinsmen.

However, this was very easy to do, given that nothing happened. No one was actually going to go to jail. A Jew can win points with the goyim by attacking another Jew, then they high-five at the synagogue or child sex event. Many such cases.

Tucker has had Portnoy on a lot saying very easy things, and I do hope this will cease.

This week, a feud broke out between Stein and Portnoy after one of the Barstool Twitter accounts posted and then deleted the above clip of Stein in Las Vegas talking about gambling. Stein tweeted about the deletion, and mentioned that Portnoy is accused of various infamous crimes (presumably in particular referring to the crypto scam).

(People are suggesting that he was referring to the rape allegations against Portnoy, but I don’t think anyone cares about that. People do care about scummy crypto pump and dumpers.)

Portnoy went ape in response to Stein. He attacked him and explained that he’s not allowed to make jokes about problem gambling, because his masters will not allow it. His company is largely owned by the casino and racetrack company Penn Entertainment.

Portnoy then continued to not be funny or good humored at all.

Stein’s reply was funny.

Pornoy’s tweet barely got 4,000 likes, and people replying to him supporting Stein were getting twice that.

Portnoy was apparently reporting people for replying, because his tweet now has that notice that says you should report people for trolling the OP.

Following this – following this – Dan Crenshaw retweeted Portnoy attacking Stein.

When you see a Jew weasel who has built a career around being a fake edgy comedian get endorsed by Dan Crenshaw, you think: “well, that’s it for this Jew.” How do you come back from being endorsed by Dan Crenshaw? I don’t think you can.

But Portnoy continued to dig his own grave.

He then said that he hates Stein because he’s political.

“I hate his fucking guts.” These are very strong words for what seems like not much of a big deal.

Probably, he didn’t know who Stein was, because he’s busy banging stupid bitches and pretending to be cool while actually being a Jew (very uncool) and is completely out of touch with the internet. When he looked Stein up, he found he was against abortion, and associated with “anti-Semites” like Nick Fuentes, and then all of the matzah balls started spilling out of his pockets.

Portnoy, apparently having no consciousness of who his own fanbase is, then tweeted that Stein was a “piece of shit” for trolling baby-killers.

(All Jews will always defend baby-killers, even if they pretend to be “conservative.” Even Dennis Prager. The only exception that I’m aware of is Ben Shapiro – but he just does that to pander to his Christian audience he is fleecing for Israel.)

Nine minutes after pledging to never mention Stein again, the Jew Portnoy posted DMs where he is bragging about having $500 million.

I don’t understand how “I have $500 million that I made from gambling addicts and crypto rug-pulls” would be a “pwn,” because I’m not Jewish. Portnoy, in his flustered state, appears to have forgotten that it is the goyim whom he fleeced to get that $500 million, and his ability to continue to fleece them is in jeopardy due to his Jewish actions against our beloved hero.

Stein responded correctly.

Serious question, Mr. Portnoy: what good is that half billion going to do you when the system fails and the pogroms begin? Are you going to throw suitcases of cash at the goyim as projectile weapons?

Everyone is turning against Portnoy now – even Mike Cernovich, who only hits out at the weak, took a jab.

Pedro Gonzales also weighed in and implied he’s hated Portnoy for a long time (Gonzales is very anti-abortion).

Portnoy closed Monday night by claiming that he is “the champ” and that he won his exchange with Stein.

The only thing he did was say “I have a half a billion dollars from screwing the goyim and you don’t.” Portnoy has a middling IQ, as you can see whenever he talks. Anyone with a 115 IQ could make that kind of money if they were willing to just outright rip people off – and they had all of the nepotistic connections that come with being Jewish. Jews are a criminal cartel.

After Portnoy signed off, Stein posted a DM showing that Portnoy invited him on his podcast and then backed down.

What a faggot pussy.

A poll was posted.

Of 24,000 people, 61% support Stein over Portnoy.

After Monday, this thing has just continued on. Portnoy is getting attacked by everyone, and is responding in a way that is not funny.

That’s Jason Whitlock, who is also extremely anti-abortion. Whitlock is on Tucker Carlson a lot more than Portnoy, and is a lot better liked. The mainstream media is reporting on Portnoy attacking him. Frankly, Whitlock is not even that fat, and he’s much handsomer than the ratface crypto scammer.

Whitlock had Stein on his podcast to talk about the villain Portnoy.

You can’t be mad and funny, and Portnoy is legit mad.

Yesterday, Alex Stein revealed that Portnoy fired an employee for being friends with Stein.

Portnoy released an official statement against Stein, which was not funny at all.

Stein responded.

He also appeared on with Owen Shroyer to challenge Portnoy.

He told Portnoy that if he doesn’t get an apology, he will destroy him. He is going to show up at Barstool Sports and harass the staff.

Portnoy is entering into a “you have to quit the internet” type of situation here. He is a villain, and he looks like a scumbag and he has a ratface. He can’t go to war with someone as beloved as our beloved hero and win.

What good is $500 million if everyone hates you? Frankly, I don’t know, because I’m not Jewish.

Frankly, I don’t see any potential way out of this for Portnoy, other than apologizing. Otherwise, the hate for him is just going to increase, and he’s just going to not be able to do anything on the internet at all. The only thing he will have to show for his troubles is that he dramatically increased the profile of Alex Stein.

In Other Internet News

Nick Fuentes and Destiny are BFF now.

Good for them.