Iraq: Kurdish Woman Shot Dead by Her Husband While Trying to Divorce Him Right After She Got Out of Prison for Adultery

Daily Stormer
September 5, 2019

How come every time cucks tell us that we have much to learn from these 80ish IQ monkeypeople, they never mention stuff like this?

Daily Mail:

A wife who was reportedly jailed for having an affair in Iraqi Kurdistan has been shot dead by her husband outside court.

The woman, who has not been identified, served one and a half years in jail for the affair.

They literally put the bitch in a cage!

Where she belonged!

Why can’t we do that?

I’m all for legalizing prostitution, but if you’re a married woman and you cheat on your man, there should be nasty consequences – or at the very least, the state should get out of the way and let the guy redeem himself.

Upon her release, both sides filed for divorce.

But after the couple’s fourth divorce session on Sunday, the husband opened fire in the car park of the Irbil Court of Law and shot her six times.

Head of the Irbil Police Department Abdul Khaliq Talaat confirmed to Kurdistan 24 the man was arrested at the scene and charged with first-degree murder.

‘An initial investigation with the husband after his arrest indicates that the root of the problem dates back to 2018 when the woman was arrested and sentenced to prison until April 2019 over a social conflict,’ Talaat said.

This being a woman, I assume she was trying to take away literally everything he has, and expecting gratitude for it too.

But she picked the wrong sandmonkey to do it, it seems.

I’m shocked he was arrested though, I thought killing family members in certain circumstances was legal in most Moslem countries.

Guess Iraq isn’t one of these, because of that goofy war the Jews did in 2003.

Executive director of Iranian and Kurdish Women’s Rights Organisation described the incident as an ‘honour killing’.

‘I was very upset and angry when I saw the news,’ Ms Nammi told The Independent.

We deeply condemn honour killings such as this case. She was in prison for one and a half years for having an affair.

Go heck yourself, you filthy cunt.

The bitch deserved it.

Ms Nammi claimed the girl’s father had commented on the killing, saying he supported the perpetrator and his daughter had received justice.

If your daughter’s a whore, whaddya gonna do?

These types of things seem less important when you have 4 wives and 5-6 kids from each of them.

Turns out we really do have a lot to learn from these browns.

But remember – they don’t need to come here for us to learn it.