Ireland: Fat Woman Politician Says You Can’t be an Irish Nationalist If You’re a Nationalist

Mary Lou McDonald, current leader of the Irish opposition, head of an allegedly “left-wing nationalist” party

The language gets confusing.

“Irish nationalism” refers to the belief that Ireland should be independent from Britain. But according to many women in Ireland, the only reason for this independence from Britain is so that Ireland can bring in immigrants even faster than the British.

Business Post:

Mary Lou McDonald has criticised the use of nationalist symbols and language by the far-right in Ireland, saying they are “not republicans”.

The Sinn Féin president was speaking to the Business Post as part of a Christmas interview. Asked what her views were on the far-right co-opting the Irish flag and nationalist language in its campaign against immigration, McDonald said such individuals and groups did not represent true Irish nationalists.

“I would simply say that anybody who understands Irish nationalism, Irish liberation politics, Irish republicanism, will know from its foundations it has always been internationalist in its view.

“It has always been rooted in the human rights of every person irrespective of class, creed, or colour. So I think very narrow expressions, expressions that are discriminatory or just hateful towards any section of the population, by definition aren’t republican,” she said.

“I don’t know anyone who’s in favor of open borders”

“For the avoidance of doubt, go back to the 1916 proclamation and read that document. That’s the foundation stone that we build our politics on. What does that talk about?

“That makes big references to our own huge diaspora, our European allies, our sons and daughters in America so on. It couldn’t be more egalitarian. It couldn’t be more firmly rooted in fairness and inclusion.

“You know when you talk to a European and they hear the word nationalism they think it means something exclusionary and supremacist. Irish nationalism is about the politics of freedom and liberation. It’s not about generating division and generating feelings of antagonism against any other section of the community.”

Yeah, well, it also means the other thing.

And in fact, it arguably doesn’t mean your thing.

Why not just be a part of the UK if both countries are going to have entirely nonwhite populations?

What is the purpose of an independent Ireland if Ireland is not for the Irish?

It doesn’t even make any sense.

This bitch said there shouldn’t be any limit to how many “refugees” Ireland takes in