Ireland: Female Senator Called a Nazi and Threatened with Rape for Supporting Palestine

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 15, 2015

A female Irish Senator who defended Palestine received rape threats and was called a Nazi for supporting Palestine.

Averil Power said she received a rape threat as a result of her support for a Seanad motion recognising the state of Palestine last year.

Power spoke to yesterday about how she had been called a Nazi and anti-Semite for her support of the Palestinian people. She insisted the issue has nothing to do with religion for her, describing it as a “land grab” pure and simple.

And yes, you will say “oh but Señor Anglin, don’t you always say these death and rape threats on the internet these women are always whining about aren’t an actual threat and the fact that they whine about them is just proof that women are emotionally unequipped to be involved in public life?” And you would be correct in saying this. And yes, this woman responded as the rest of these women respond, “oh I’m home alone they can’t do this I just can’t take it!”

However, what this case does is point out the fact that Jews, while always complaining about these online threats and how we have to shut down the internet to protect the feelings of women, are actually the ones sending the threats. I have little doubt that during our trolling campaigns, these alleged death threats sent to the likes of Luciana Berger and Mariam Veiszadeh were sent by Jews, and probably the same thing for Anita Sarkeesian.

Did you notice how with both Berger and Veiszadeh, they were able to get normal White people arrested for questioning them, but they somehow couldn’t find the death threateners? Granted, there are maybe logistical issues there to do with TOR and whatever, but there was never even a claim that they had singled out the death threateners as under specific investigation – it was always viewed as our movement needing to be shut down because someone sent a death threat.

All of the death threats I personally receive are from Jews, and yet I know for a fact it is much more likely I would receive physical IRL problems from a Moslem than from a Jew (I dunno, maybe Moslems feel I even out the scales by being more against them than I am against the Jews – note that no Moslems have ever attacked any hardcore right-wing figures or organizations). The reason is that Jews are a sneaky and manipulative people, not a people of action.

The solution to online death threats is to ban Jews from the internet.