Ireland: Jews Pretending to be “Far-Right Extremists” Again?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 26, 2013

Readers may remember back in May when the media announced that the Golden Dawn had sent an official letter to the Muslim Association of Greece, saying that they were going to kill all Muslims.  I wrote about this after Mark Glenn posted an article about the letter as if it were genuine.  Clearly, it had been faked by some group – presumably Jews – who were looking to draw away support from the party by making it look like they are a bunch of insane murderers.

We have a similar situation now in Ireland.

A letter has been sent to Muslim schools and mosques in Dublin, threatening to attack any man, woman or child seen entering a mosque.

hate-letter-2849222_1This situation is slightly different than the one with the Golden Dawn letter, in that this is allegedly from an anonymous group of far-right extremists.  Whereas with the Golden Dawn, it is an obvious fact that the party would not send such a letter, we know nothing about this alleged anonymous Irish group of extremists.  Rather than making a political party look like a bunch of crazies, this letter serves to make the entire concept of opposition to the Islamic invasion of Ireland look crazy.

We, of course, have no way of knowing for certain that there is not some secret anti-immigrant group sending out death letters to Muslims.  But I will explain why I think this is nonsense.

Though there are some people who would think belligerent hatred is good for the cause, they would be very unlikely to organize themselves and start sending letters.  The type of person who would write a letter like this would most likely just start beating up Muslims on the street.  If this were a serious militant revolutionary group (the letter does not read like something from a serious militant revolutionary group), who sincerely believed that violence was the answer, they would have no need for letters of warning.

Any type of real nationalist, anti-immigrant organization would be aware of the bad publicity a letter such as this causes.  Real nationalists understand that the battle is not directly against the immigrants themselves, but the people who bring them into our countries and those who allow it, and that the most important battle is for the hearts and minds of our own people, showing them the role of the Jew, showing them that this invasion is wrong, showing them that we need to stand together against it, for our children’s future.

The Jews are seeing rising anti-immigrant sentiment everywhere.  The last year has seen an incredible change in the minds of the masses toward these invading hordes.  Sending a letter like this is a very easy way for those forces behind the immigration agenda to make those speaking out against it to appear as violent crazies filled with confused and irrational hatred, rather than good and honest people genuinely concerned about protecting their ancient culture and nation from total destruction at the hands of savage, primitive people.

I would wager this is getting quite a bit of play on the mainstream media in Ireland.  In the future, when people hear rational and concerned men speaking out against the invasion, they may recall this letter, and associate the rational and concerned men with the distasteful sentiment contained in the death letter.  At least that would be the idea.

This amounts to a form of emotional bullying, where an individual has to accept something that they know is harmful to them based on a desire not to be anti-social.

I imagine that in the future we are going to see more of these threatening letters all across Europe.  The next step could well be bombing a mosque, and blaming ‘far-right extremists.’  It came out yesterday that the French government was planning to shoot a prominent Muslim cleric and blame it on ‘far-right extremists.’  With the way the sentiment of the European people is changing, they are not going to have very many other options.

The best thing that we, as nationalists, can do is stress that we do not view this as a problem of individual immigrants, but as a systemic problem of a forced ideology which claims that we as White nations no longer have a right to exist.  We do not want to harm these immigrants, we merely want them out of our countries.  As it is we who are the victims, we naturally have the moral high-ground.  It is of the utmost importance that we assert it.