Ireland: Media Finds Solution to Moslems Stabbing Kids – Brazilian Deliveroo Drivers

Every school and kindergarten in Europe needs one

They confirmed the kiddie stabber in Ireland was an Arab.

It’s also been confirmed that the rioters are mostly white anti-immigrationists who are sick of the sickening cops protecting the invading hordes.

However, some of the looters (probably all of the looters) were brown people taking advantage of the chaos.

In the latest “Ireland on Fire” news: it turns out the actual solution to immigrants is more immigrants.

Because immigrants may be the villains, but they’re also the heroes.

Irish News:

A Deliveroo driver in Dublin from Brazil has been praised for his heroism after using his bike helmet to hit a man who attacked a woman and three children in Dublin city centre on Thursday.

A five-year-old girl and a women in her 30s were seriously injured in the attack outside the Gaelscoil Choláiste Mhuire, while police say a man in his 40s who was injured in the attack is a person of interest.

Father-of-two Caio Benicio from Rio de Janeiro moved to Ireland a year ago and intervened when he witnessed what he believed to be a fight on Parnell Street.

Caio Benicio is the hero Ireland needs, but doesn’t deserve

Speaking to RTÉ, he said: “I was working like a normal day. And I was passing by in Parnell Square when I saw…at first I thought it was a fight with a man and a woman. A normal fight like, you know, and I slowed down my motorcycle to see more closely what’s happening.”

He saw a woman who was “pulling the girl, you know. And she was very, very brave, you know, because you could get the girl from the man, and the little girl run away and the man he grabbed another one.”

Oh, I know.

But do you know?

Mate: do you know?

After noticing the man had a knife, he added: “I just pull up, I just break my bike and pull up my motorcycle. I saw him stab the little girl.

“And it was everything by instinct. I remember, I took off my helmet, to protect myself and use it as a weapon. Just hit him in the head with all power I have. And he fell down. And I hit him and then come other people and start to to kick him, you know.”

He spoke to gardaí afterwards, stating: “I was in shock. I didn’t even have time to be scared. You know, when we see a man with a knife with a five-years-old kid. You don’t. You don’t think you just…just act. I think anyone is gonna do the same.”

Shaken by the incident, he went home and was horrified as images of rioting and destruction emerged from the city centre.

“There are protests against immigrants and I am an immigrant and I was there, right there to protect Irish people you know,” he said.

So you’re saying that the solution to immigrants… is immigrants.

It’s almost too simple.

Too easy to be true.

But I’m convinced.