Finland Closes Entire Border with Russia, Will Let Asylum Seekers Freeze

Close the border!

Let the apes freeze!

Stick it to Russia by letting these apes freeze to death!

Russia doesn’t care, but… they are going to have to bury these frozen bodies! The ground will be really cold and it will take a lot time to dig the graves! Take that, Putin!

The Guardian:

Finland has announced it is temporarily closing its entire border with Russia after weeks of tensions between the countries over asylum seekers that Helsinki has labelled a “hybrid operation” by Moscow.

With just 24 hours’ notice, the Finnish government said on Tuesday it would close Raja-Jooseppi in Lapland, its last remaining border crossing point with Russia, on Wednesday night.

The highly unusual move, which follows the closure of its eight other crossing points, means the entirety of the 830-mile land border between Finland and Russia will be closed until 13 December.

If Finland can close 830 miles, surely America has the capacity to close 1,954 miles?

During the closure, asylum seekers will instead be directed to airports and ports.

Announcing the move, the Finnish prime minister, Petteri Orpo, said: “This is Russia’s influence operation and we do not accept it.” The interior minister, Mari Rantanen, said: “Finland is the target of a Russian hybrid operation. This is a matter of national security.”

Russia is trying to punish Finland by increasing their greatest strength.

And that cannot be tolerated.

Orpo said on Monday that Finland had gathered intelligence indicating Russian authorities were helping asylum seekers reach the border and that, despite the closures, more people were heading across Russia towards Finland.

This is an organised activity, not a genuine emergency,” Orpo said.

But isn’t Russia a fascist, racist, sexist state?

How can colorful people be safe there?

Of course it’s an emergency – and the Finns are fascists.

So far this month, more than 900 asylum seekers from countries including Somalia, Yemen, Iraq and Syria have arrived in Finland from Russia, according to the Finnish border guard – a considerable increase on usual numbers.

Many are understood to have arrived by bicycle in the snow and ice. “You see them in just trainers and riding bikes in the snow. It’s clear whoever’s sending them isn’t thinking about their safety,” said a source.

Yeah, Russians are too stupid to understand that Somalians are very precious, and a boon to the high-tech industries.

As of Tuesday morning, 63 asylum seekers had made the journey to the remote border station of Raja-Jooseppi after four of the five remaining border crossings closed at midnight on Friday, the Finnish border guard said.

The decision to close the borders comes despite concerns over the legality of the closures and the impact on the welfare of asylum seekers amid snow and extreme sub-zero conditions in the Arctic region. Many do not arrive at the border sufficiently equipped for the conditions.

Asked how people could apply for asylum when the border was closed, Matti Sarasmaa, the head of the border guard’s border and maritime department, said they had been given “specific operating instructions” for what to do if asylum seekers came to the border. But he did not elaborate on how they would react to people waiting in freezing conditions, which have been as low as -25C (-13F) in recent weeks.

Look at this Russian agent, calling for more destructive Somalians to enter into Finland:

She needs to learn patriotism.

She needs to learn that immigrants are a threat to Finnish society.

These Somalians have to freeze.