Ireland: Students End Blockade After University Agrees to Divest from Israel

This is a video from before the agreement was reached

Ireland is at risk of spinning completely out of control. There are protests of just about everything, and we’ve already seen that the Irish will push that shit to the limit and start firebombing police cars.

Because of the Irish propensity for belligerence, they are the only Western country where the government takes protests particularly seriously. (Of course, the rest of the West is now taking the Palestine protests seriously, because they are so massive and have such great public support, but none of these Americans are going to cut funding to Israel.)

Ireland cutting funding to the Jews is not a big deal in itself. However, people in the rest of the West are going to look at this Irish victory as a model, which creates even bigger problems for the Americans.

The Irish have just proved it’s possible for a university to simply agree to the demands of a popular protest.

The Guardian:

Students at Trinity College Dublin have ended a five-day encampment after the university pledged to cut ties with Israeli companies.

Student leaders claimed victory on Wednesday night for a US-style campaign that had disrupted the campus and blocked access to the Book of Kells.

Senior management made a deal with protesters, the university said in a statement. “Trinity will complete a divestment from investments in Israeli companies that have activities in the Occupied Palestinian Territory and appear on the UN blacklist,” it said. “Trinity will endeavour to divest from investments in other Israeli companies.”


Fuck those Jews.

Trinity’s supplier list contains just one Israeli company, which will remain until March 2025 for contractual reasons, said the statement.

The encampment began on 3 May when pro-Palestinian protesters set up dozens of tents in Fellows’ Square, similar to actions in the US, Europe and India in response to Israel’s war against Hamas in Gaza.

In contrast to confrontations in the US where police forcibly evicted demonstrators at several universities, there was no attempt to remove the protest. Eoin O’Sullivan, a senior dean who led talks with the students, thanked them for their “engagement”.

Yeah, because if they actually sent in the cops, the boys would show up.

The Irish proved earlier this year they will send in the boys if you use riot cops to dismiss protesters. The Irish government is worried about a mass uprising.

In Ireland, the anti-immigration protesters likely support the anti-Palestine protesters (although it might not go the other way), but it doesn’t really matter. When you have a generally hostile citizenry, which is twitchy and looking to move against the government, any case of the police being sent against citizens can result in violent uprising.

I’ve said many times before that peasant uprisings tend to not go very well. However, they also tend to be very bloody. Furthermore, it is no longer just the peasants who are ready to move against the government. Ireland has a history of maintaining a parallel government, and a violent mob of Irishmen could actually introduce real world solutions.

No other white people are going to rise up against the government in any meaningful way, other than maybe the Poles.

The feminization of men has a lot of drivers and a lot of consequences, but the fact of reality is that turning men into a bunch of faggots and fatties prevents the possibility of civil violence.