New York City Now has Fewest Cops in Decades, Keeps Losing More

There’s no real reason for cops when it’s legal for blacks to do whatever they want.

Washington Times:

The number of police officers patrolling New York City is at its lowest point in over three decades, according to a report.

The 33,695 sworn officers in the NYPD represent the fewest number of cops in the Big Apple since 1990, according to city data obtained by the New York Post. Back then, the NYPD had 32,541 officers in its ranks.

Over 800 officers have left the department this year, and 257 of them turned in their badges before they hit the 20-year mark to collect their full pension.

Police sources told the Post that most officers are leaving for suburban departments on Long Island or in Westchester County, where they get better pay and a lighter workload.

It is obviously preferable at this point that the streets of New York be controlled by Venezuelan gangs.

What do all these “random” events have in common with each other?