Israeli Settlers Storm West Bank Palestinian Village, Shoot and Set Houses on Fire

Just another day of the helpless victims of the entire world being very victimized by the people they live amongst.

Nothing to see here.

Very normal victim behavior.

The Guardian:

Dozens of angry Israeli settlers have stormed into a Palestinian village in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, shooting and setting houses and cars on fire. Palestinian health officials said one Palestinian man was killed and 25 others were wounded in the attack.

The violence was the latest in an escalation in the West Bank that has accompanied the war in the Gaza Strip. An Israeli rights group said the settlers were searching for a missing 14-year-old boy from their settlement. After the rampage, Israeli troops said they were still searching for the teen.

The killing came after an Israeli raid overnight killed two Palestinians, including a Hamas militant, in confrontation with Israeli forces.

Palestinian health officials say more than 460 Palestinians have been killed in the West Bank by Israeli forces since the war erupted in October.

The Israeli human rights group Yesh Din said the settlers stormed into the village of al-Mughayyir late Friday, searching for the Israeli boy. The group said settlers were shooting and setting houses on fire in the village.

Videos posted to X by the rights group showed dark clouds of smoke billowing from burning cars as gunshots rang out. A photo posted by the group showed what appeared to be a crowd of masked settlers.

The Palestinian health ministry said one man was brought dead to a hospital and 25 were treated for wounds. The Palestine Red Crescent Society said eight of the injured were hit by live fire from settlers.

The deceased man was later identified by his family as 26-year-old Jehad Abu Alia. His father, Afif Abu Alia, said he was shot dead but was unsure whether the fatal bullet was fired by an armed settler or an Israeli soldier.

“My son went with others to defend our land and honour, and this is what happened,” Afif Abu Alia said from a hospital in the West Bank city of Ramallah, where his son’s corpse had been transported.

US officials, including President Joe Biden, have repeatedly raised concerns about a surge in settler violence against Palestinians in the West Bank since Israel’s war with Hamas in the Gaza Strip began. Rights groups have long accused the military of failing to halt settler violence or punish soldiers for wrongdoing.

That isn’t an “accusation,” it’s just a statement of fact.

The military literally brings in bulldozers to help these Jews destroy houses on land they steal.

But it’s okay and very moral because Adolf Hitler put all their shoes in a big pile a century ago.

It’s the ironclad law of global democracy: “if they pile up your shoes, you can let loose – forever.”

A million years from now, Jews will be slaughtering people and then going on TV and saying “we can do this because Hitler put our shoes in a big pile.”

It’s all very reasonable and fair.