Italian Bakery Makes Bread Using Powdered Bugs

It’s still not clear that eating bugs is even unhealthy.

But I get why people are against it.

But somebody should really take a step back and note that it is vastly, vastly superior than eating soy, which is what they’ve been feeding us for decades in every food.


An Italian bakery plans to sell loaves of bread made with powder from processed crickets.

The news comes after the European Commission ruled last month that partially defatted and powdered house crickets (acheta domesticus) can be marketed and sold as ingredients in food in the EU. The powder is sometimes used as an additive to make the products richer with protein.

Enrico Murdocco, a chef who runs Tellia, a local restaurant chain in Turin, told Italian media on Monday that he experimented with a mixture of Sicilian grain during baking tests to “soften the flavor” of the insect power.

Newspaper Corriere della Sera quoted him as saying that he was especially happy with “the crust and the range of flavors.” He said the taste reminded him of hazelnut.

Let’s go full boomer.

Just totally boomer it up.