Italy Calls for Merkel Stratagem After Neighbors Close Borders and Trap Migrants Inside

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 15, 2015

With all these people are doing for the culture of Italy, what with the enrichment, I'm surprised they're not elated to have more locked inside.
With all these people are doing for the culture of Italy, what with the enrichment, I’m surprised they’re not elated to have more locked inside.


Italy is now intensifying its endorsement of the Merkel quota stratagem after its northern neighbors tightened border controls and turned back Africans trying to escape to greener pastures.

Currently, hordes of them are trapped in the north of Italy.


In an interview with Milan’s Corriere della Sera daily, Prime Minister Matteo Renzi said that after toppling Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, the international community bore responsibility for chaos in Libya that has opened the way for hundreds of thousands of migrants to cross by boat to southern Italy.

He called for a change to the so-called Dublin regulations, which assign most asylum seekers to the EU country they first enter and said he would discuss the issue with French President Francois Hollande and British Prime Minister David Cameron when they visit Italy this week.

“If the European Council chooses solidarity, then good. If it doesn’t, we have a Plan B ready but that would be a wound inflicted on Europe,” he said, without giving details.

Hm. Cryptic.

Their Plan B, which will inflict a wound on Europe, is to nuke Brussels? Or to issue the Africans European passports?

Instead, maybe they should consider inflicting a wound on African migrants – a wound of pure Zyklon B. Plus torpedoes.


In a separate interview on Sunday, Interior Minister Angelino Alfano called for other European countries to take more migrants from Italy and set up centers in Libya to identify genuine asylum seekers and send back those not qualifying.

“Europe, signing as Europe, has to sign repatriation agreements with all the African countries,” he said, and a failure to do so would put Italy on a confrontation course with the rest of the 28-nation EU.

“If Europe does not fulfill its own responsibilities and show solidarity, it will find a different Italy facing it.”

Or maybe they’ll side with Putin?

Seems unlikely.

I’d wager that it was Merkel who convinced France and Austria to close their borders with Italy as this clearly benefits her. Italy is not openly mentioning her quota program, but they are alluding to it directly, as that is the solution she’s come up with to deal with the burden on Italy and Greece.

What these people don’t seem to understand is that it won’t mean less immigrants for Italy in the long run, it will mean more, and more for everyone else.

The EU and the UN are in the process of settling hundreds of millions of Black Africans in Europe. The quota program is going to be combined with setting up centers in Africa to fly these people directly in.

The only solution is to say no. Italy currently has the capacity to say no by simply turning these boats around, yet they are instead obeying EU regulation and dooming us all.