Italy: Locals Burn Down Government-Funded Shelter for Invasive African Rapists

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 15, 2015

Dear oppressed tax-payer funded gang-raping victims of racism: we're so, so so soosososososo sorry
Dear oppressed tax-payer funded gang-raping victims of racism: we’re so, so so soosososososo sorry

In a suburb of Rome, the people – whatever the Italian word for “volk” is – were being chased out of their own neighborhood to make room for yet more taxpayer-funded invading gang-rapists, and they decided they just couldn’t take it anymore.

They burned down a local center holding these animals, forcing out forty “asylum seekers.”

The government responded by moving the subhuman filth to a secret location.


After local residents living in council-owned accommodation in Tor Sapienza, Rome, were told they were facing eviction on Wednesday, tensions with the local migrant population who live at the ‘Smile’ centre at the taxpayer’s expense came to a head as a number of dustbins were set alight. This is not the first time the centre has been targeted – in November last year, locals threw home-made bombs and rocks at the building.

Passions were then inflamed by complaints of sexual assault of local girls by migrants. Riot police were in heavy attendance at anti-migrant demonstrations in which residents chanted “the blacks have to go”.

A local tradesman interviewed by The Times summed up the feeling of many in the area when he said: “The country is in pieces, why don’t they stop dumping boatloads of migrants here? If you’ve got no work, why come here?”

For many of the migrants who travelled from Africa or the near-East to Italy, Europe has not been the land of dreams they were promised, however without help they are unable to return home. One Ethiopian from the centre, who said he came to Europe to avoid jail: “I’m afraid and I do not want to stay here anymore but I cannot go home… Outside, people would call us ‘Black pieces of s***’, but inside, with the police cordon, it felt like being back in prison”.

Oh. My. God.

Someone called this Black guy a mean name. Might well be time for a NATO bombing of Italy.

When did these apes learn that they could play on Whitey’s emotions like this, “oh I just came because it’s so bad in my home, I don’t even want to be here, I am only raping your women on the streets because of my feelings, and then you call me a mean name again, please, I’m so pathetic, feel bad”?

That is the summation of the entire invasion plot: these people are pathetic, if you don’t feel bad for them you lack a heart.

But this situation of locals, under the constant terror of rape and other violence being committed against them by these people, then getting kicked out of their own homes while these violent gang-raping terrorists move in to get everything for free – how are these liberal scumbags able to look at this and say “yeah those gang-raping terrorists living the high-life on welfare and stealing people’s homes are victims, these homeless rape victims need to cease their oppressive hatred”?

This demonstrates just how utterly pathetic Black Africans are. They can be put in the highest most privileged position over the people, have all advantages given to them, and still people look at them like “wow, these people are so pathetic, I feel bad, how horrible that someone would call them a mean name, we should give them each a mansion and a sports car and put all these homeless local rape victims in prison for hurting their feelings with words.”