Italy: Moslem Arrested for Disciplining Thot Daughter

These people say they want “multiculturalism” and then arrest this guy for doing his culture.

How is this not entrapment?

L’Unione Sarda:

The carabinieri of the station of Stresa, in Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, yesterday arrested a citizen originally from Bangladesh for kidnapping and ill-treatment in the family . The man had locked his-year-old daughter in the room for days , beating her and depriving her of food . At the origin of the violence there would be the father’s refusal to accept the girl’s romantic relationship .

The military intervened following the report of a 23-year-old boy , also of Bengali origin and residing in Milan, with whom the young woman has been in a relationship for some time . The boy reported that he was worried about the fate of the woman from whom he had not received news for a few days . The boy also explained to the carabinieri that their relationship was hampered by her father, since the man had probably already arranged the engagement in Bangladesh.

Once they went back to the residence address, the carabinieri presented themselves at the door of the house and, once inside, they heard insistent knocking from inside a room that had been locked from the outside : inside the twenty-year-old , in a state of despondency and agitation and with clear signs of beatings .

According to what was reported by the girl, her father locked her in her room for four or five days, with no food and only water available, he also repeatedly beat her , refusing her to go to the bathroom without being escorted by him.

What they mean when they say “enrichment” is just “dirty and poor.”

The reality is, there are a lot of ways that brown people could enrich white culture. It’s just that if they try to do any of those things, they get arrested for it and called evil.

These poor children are all fleeing the brutal Syrian civil war in Bangladesh