Italy: Official Accounts of Patriots Get Banned from Facebook and Instagram

Daily Stormer
September 11, 2019

Nothing is more evil than not wanting your country to turn into a shithole

Jews have been kicked out of hundreds of countries and cities and towns throughout their sordid, miserable existence…

We really have to stop doing that and just exterminate them already.

The Local:

The official accounts of dozens of Italian far-right activists and the neo-fascist parties CasaPound and Forza Nuova were shut down on Monday for violating hate speech policies.

The parties have also been kicked off Instagram, which is owned by Facebook.

“People and organizations that spread hatred or attack others based on who they are, have no place on Facebook and Instagram,” Facebook said in a statement.

Rome-based CasaPound’s official Facebook page had almost 240,000 followers.

The Facebook and Instagram accounts of dozens of activists belonging to both far-right groups were also reportedly blocked.

To be clear, by “hatred” they mean “speak out against any of the Jewish ideologies that are destroying your country.”

You can always find tons of hate against White people on any of these social media websites that ban us completely.

How many of these retarded animals who’d be eating bugs in a jungle without us do you think ever got banned?

But those don’t matter because again, hate has nothing to do with it.

It’s not the first time the two groups have had accounts closed down, Italian news agency Ansa reports. Last April, shortly before the European elections, Facebook closed down the profiles of several high-profile members of both movements.

Yeah, (((funny))) how it happened before the elections last time, and now it happened right after Salvini got hecked.

But I’m sure these are just coincidences.

The parties’ chiefs – who also had their personal accounts shut – slammed the move as anti-democratic.

Gianluca Iannone, president of CasaPound, protested that the move was “an unprecedented attack”, telling Ansa the group would be filing an “urgent class action law suit against an act of disgraceful prevarication.”

This fella clearly doesn’t understand what (((democracy))) is really about.

Maybe he should read the guy his organization is named after a little more closely.

The move was hailed as “exemplary” and “a correct and courageous choice” by the leader of Italy’s Democratic Party, Nicola Zingaretti.

“We must share and spread these important words to put an end to the season of hatred,” he told local media. “These are people who would deny others the right to exist.”

“Apology for fascism in Italy is not an opinion. It is a crime.”

Nicola who?

There are 60 million people in Italy, of which around 40,000 are Jews, and one of them just happens to be the leader of a political party.

Also, if you check out the list of Jewish political figures in Italy on Wikipedia, his name isn’t there.

I wonder how many other Jew politicians were just “overlooked” like this.

On Monday, activists from both groups took part in a demonstration, alongside the League and Brothers of Italy, against the new left-leaning and pro-European government

In front of parliament, where Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte was giving a speech, they could be heard chanting “Duce! Duce!” – the title fascists used to address 20th-century dictator Benito Mussolini – and were seen performing the fascist salute.

Italy’s prime minister Giuseppe Conte on Monday called on the political class and Italian citizens to moderate their tone – particularly on social networks – following 14 months of a populist government which has fomented hate and division, particularly via the internet.

Lega Nord is gonna come back to power eventually, although probably not before the next scheduled elections.

When they do, their single main objective after stopping the invasion has to be to deal with these kiked tech companies.

Either make a law to obligate them to actual impartiality, or even better – just ban them altogether.

These kikes must be stopped, and Trump isn’t doing shit about it, so Salvini is our last chance to do this, at least in mainstream politics.